Membership plans allow you to attract more guests by offering multiple services at member-specific prices and also offer credits, which you can redeem in exchange for various services. Memberships can be for fixed terms or they can be recurring. Your guests can use the Webstore V2 to look at all the different memberships and buy a suitable one.


  1. Catalog tab of the memberships should be enabled and configured.

  2. Appropriate centers should be assigned while creating the memberships.

Note: You can assign a center to a membership by enabling Different Center for Memberships checkbox. Select an appropriate center in the Membership Center drop down in Webstore V1 settings.


  • The Start Date of the membership should be the current date and not a future date.

  • Multiple memberships cannot be sold to your guests.

  • Gift Cards cannot be used for the purchase of memberships.

Note: For memberships with a setup fee, the setup fee will show only on the checkout page, and not on the Memberships landing page.

  1. At the Organization level, navigate to Admin > Organization > Organizations > Online Booking > Webstore V2 template.

  2. Locate the Membership section.

  3. Configure the following in the Membership section:

    • Membership Icon Text: Type in the text that will appear below the Membership Icon on the main menu.

    • Memberships Sales Label: On the Memberships page, membership sales label appears above a list of all the membership plans.

      This text will tell your guest to select a plan from the list. You need to enter the text that appears after Select A. Enter the text as per your business requirements.

      Example 1: Type Membership Plan and the text appears as Select A Membership Plan.

      Example 2: Type Membership Pack and the text appears as Select A Membership Pack.

    • Membership Booking Button Label: After the selection of a membership plan, the guest will see a summary of the charges, along with a button. This setting allows you to configure the text label for the button.

      Example: Buy Now, Buy.

    • Membership Thank You Page: Insert the HTML for the Thank You page that your guests will see after they buy the Membership plan.

      Note: This page is different from the Thank You page that appears after your guests book the services.

    • Membership Payment T&C's: Enter the terms and conditions text message that is displayed to your guests when they make the payment for membership purchase.

    • Membership form header(Mandatory forms): Enter the header that will instruct the guests to fill mandatory forms.

    • Membership form header (Optional forms): Enter the header that will request the guests to fill optional forms.

    • Membership form label in the membership listing (Mandatory forms): Enter the label for mandatory forms that will appear in the membership listing.

    • Allow Discount Code Redemption: Enable to allow guests to redeem discount code.

    • Restrict Additional membership purchase: Enable to limit selling one membership per guest on Webstore.

    • Enable Membership Pricing: This option lets your members to take the membership benefits and pricing.

      Note: Therapist Pricing will not be applied if you select this option.

    • View Membership Banner: This option displays a banner, with membership name and details, on the screen when a guest who has an active membership logs into your webstore.

  4. Click Publish.

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