A day package is a combination of services that guests can book at a discounted price, thus encouraging higher average invoice prices. When booked, the services included in the day package are rendered on the same day. 

Example: You could sell a manicure ($25) and pedicure ($25) that has a total cost of $50, for a discounted total price ($42) in a day package. Similarly, you can create a day package that combines a scrub ($70), manicure ($25), pedicure ($25), and a deep tissue massage ($60) that would normally cost $180. But, by offering these services for a cheaper price ($160), you can encourage guests to try out all these services.


  1. Catalog tab of the package should be enabled.
    Learn more: Enable Catalog for the Day Packages

  2. Appropriate centers should be assigned while creating the packages. 

  3. Enable Day Packages Sale should be enabled in the Webstore settings.
    Learn more: Enable Sale of Day Package on Webstore

Important: Membership Pricing and the Employee Specific Pricing is not applicable for booking of a Day Package.
The Day Packages are not available for Group Bookings. 

To book a day package   

Note: As as guest, you must follow these steps to book a day package.

  1. Navigate to your Webstore V2 by opening the URL.
    The Webstore home page appears.

  2. [Optional] Select or change the location of the center.
    The service categories appear.
    Webstore shows different categories of services based on the Display Order.
    Example: If you have set the Display Order for the packages as 0, then packages appear as the first category.

  3. Select Packages as the category.
      The guest can see the list available packages. 

  4. Select a package.

      Note: You can continue the booking without selecting a provider. In such                       cases, the provider is assigned automatically as per the services included in the           package. The guest can also select a provider manually for each of the services.

   5. Select an Available Date and Time.
        The package Summary appears.

    6. Check the Summary and then click Continue.
        Note: The display time in the Summary shows the time that is configured while             creating the package. You must ensure that the times indicated in the package             should be sum of all the services combined.

        The login screen appears. 

    7. Sign in to the Webstore either with email or phone number.
       The confirmation page appears. 

      8. Click Confirm Booking.
          The booking is confirmed and the Thank You page opens.

        Your guest has successfully booked a Day Package.

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