Sometimes, upon a guest's request, you may cancel a guest's recurring membership. For example, a guest has a 12 months membership plan, but requests you to cancel the membership after using it for 8 months.
If the guest comes back and requests you to reinstate the canceled membership, you (with the appropriate permission enabled) can reinstate the recurring membership.

Before you Begin

At the organization level, ensure that the Reinstate permission is enabled for your role. 

(Admin > Organization > Security Roles > Permissions tab > Marketing Manager > Memberships > Reinstate checkbox).

To reinstate canceled memberships

1. Open the Guest Profile

2. Go to the Memberships tab.
    The list of membership appears.
3. Locate the membership the guest wants you to reinstate and click the
    membership name. 

      The membership details window appears.

4. Click Reinstate

Important: If you see a message that says the guest has an active membership, it means the membership termination date is scheduled for a future date. Make sure you change the date in Terminate On to the current day.

    The reinstate membership window opens with options to reinstate the

5. Do the following:

  1. Next Scheduled payment: Specify a date and time to begin the recurring payment collections for the membership. By default, Zenoti schedules payment collection to begin the next day.

  2. Expiry Date: Specify when the membership should expire.
    Important: In a recurring membership with no expiry, the Expiry Date does not appear.    

  3. Number of future recurring payments: Displays the total number of collections remaining for the membership. For example, if you are reinstating 6 months duration membership for which you have collected 4 monthly charges, then the number displayed in this case is 2.
    Important: In a recurring membership with no expiry, the number of future recurring payments does not appear.   

  4. Click OK.
    A pop-up with Membership Reinstated successfully message appears.

6. Click OK.
    The canceled membership is reinstated and the Recurring and Membership
    statuses appear Active in the membership details page. 


  1. Can I choose a past date for the next payment schedule?
    Yes. You can select a past date in the Next Schedule Payment field.
    Important: If you select a past date to begin the scheduled payment, Zenoti collects payments for the recurring payments until the present date.
    Example: If on March 15th, you are reinstating a membership with 5 recurring collection, and you set January 25th as the Next Scheduled Payment date, then, on March 15th (present date in this example), Zenoti collects two recurring payments - for the months of January and February. The guest is charged again on March 25th (because the first collection date was 25th January).

  2. Can I reinstate a recurring membership with no expiry?
    Yes. You can reinstate a recurring membership with no expiry.
    When you are reinstating a membership with no expiry, you can only set the next scheduled payment date.
    Expiry Date and Number of future recurring payments fields are not visible as they are not applicable for recurring memberships that do not expire. See the following image for reference.

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