November 2021: Upcoming Features

This document highlights the major enhancements planned for the November 2021 upgrade. Owing to the agile nature of our development, enhancements may be dropped or added to the release. Do check the What’s New document that we will publish in the third week of October for details on both, major and minor features.

We're excited to share our upcoming features organized by business vertical!

Go ahead, click the vertical that best describes your business to explore features coming your way!


Our development team is hard at work to get you these cool features shortly!

For front desk

Appointment book will soon get a makeover!

Wouldn't you just love it if the appointment book looked a bit more modern?

Some cool changes are coming your way as early as...end of October!

The appointment book will wear a fresh look. Our endeavour is to simply refresh your experience, without changing the way you work.

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Show log of gift cards in the guest profile and gift card look-up screen

Currently, if an update is made to the expiry date of a gift card or if the balance is updated, users cannot track who made the changes and when.

With the upcoming release, you can see a log of all changes made to a gift card in the guest profile and the gift card look-up screen.

For admins

Loyalty points report

With the upcoming release, businesses can see details about loyalty points accrued, redeemed, reversed, or expired for a combination of guest and loyalty programs.

The loyalty points report will help businesses check:

  • The number of accrued loyalty points for a given period.

  • The value of liability redeemed, refunded, expired, or balance yet to be redeemed by the loyalty points program.

  • The current status of the loyalty points.

  • The number of loyalty points earned by a referrer or referee.

Prepaid cards report

With the upcoming release, businesses can see details about prepaid cards sold at a center, information about prepaid card redemption and learn more about the recipient. It will also help them learn about the status and other details about packages with bundled products and services sold to guests regularly at center.

The prepaid cards report will help businesses check:

  • The prepaid card details.

  • The value of liability redeemed or balances to be redeemed.

  • The current status of the prepaid card.

  • The sender details of the prepaid card.

Book appointments for family members in Webstore using new API

Currently, there is no direct way to book an appointment for family members online.

With the upcoming release, you can use the new family booking API to add relationships. This way, guests can add family members to their account and book appointments on their behalf.

For example, Jane wants to book appointments for her child, Tom. With the upcoming release, Jane can add Tom as her family member and book appointments for her child.

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For admins

Integration with video conferencing

With the upcoming release, virtual appointments will become easier for businesses.

Integration of video conferencing will create automatic virtual appointment links for appointments. It will send transactional messages to guests containing Zoom links. And Zenoti will handle all the video conferencing licensing on behalf of the business.

This cuts down the cumbersome process of copy-pasting Zoom links for appointments and manual transactional messages to guests.

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If you are a medspa, expect the following exciting features soon!

For admins

View version history of form to trace actions on forms

With the upcoming release, in the custom form setup page, you will be able to access the version history of a particular form. The version history logs changes made to the HTML format of the form and the settings, the user who made the change, and when the change was made.

Choose to not expire common forms used for treatments on the same day

With the upcoming release, we are introducing a new form validity option - No expiry - common form for all services on the same day. You can use this option to fill common treatment forms and charts for services that are often booked multiple times on a single day for the same guest, such as laser hair removal for different parts of the body.

Show custom text for select services on receipts

With the upcoming release, Zenoti will show custom text on receipts for select services treated as medical procedures. This is to meet the legal requirements of medspas in some regions.

Example: Show the medical license of an esthetician performing a Botox on a patient.

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If you are into fitness, get ready to usher in these new features!

For students

Group booking for classes

In your business, you may have students who would want to take a class along with their friends or family. Such bookings are called group bookings, where a student is often accompanied by other guests.

With the upcoming release, when students book a class through Webstore and CMA, they can book other guests to the same class, and pay for them.

Better fitness kiosk experience

With the upcoming release, as we move the Kiosk to a device-specific app, the following changes will make for a compelling kiosk experience:

  • A more intuitive layout

  • Camera to scan bar codes for key tag check in

  • Guided Access mode to limit the usage of the device to a single app so that your guests do not open any other apps accidentally while using the Kiosk.

  • When a student who logs in does not interact with the kiosk (for example, perform a search or scan a code) for a pre-defined time, the kiosk automatically logs the user out.

  • Automatically sign in students to a class using key tag check in

For providers

Students get automatically signed in for virtual classes

Currently, in a virtual class, the instructor has to manually sign in each student in the class. This is tedious for instructors whose classes have a large number of students.

With the upcoming release, everyone on the roster who has not signed in or is not waitlisted, canceled, or no show, gets automatically signed in.

For admins

Fairer cancellation fee model with late cancel tiers for classes

Currently, in Zenoti, you can set up late cancellation fee. If a student cancels an appointment later than a set time, the business will charge a cancellation fee of a flat amount or a percentage of the list price.

With the upcoming release, we are introducing late cancel tiers. With late cancel tiers, you can set up multiple tiers of late fee. For example:

If a student cancels a class...

Then they will be charged...

2 hours before the class start time

$30 as the cancellation fee

8 hours before the class start time

$15 as the cancellation fee

24 hours before the class start time,

$5 as the cancellation fee

Assign multiple instructors to a class

With the upcoming release, you will be able to assign more than one instructor to a class if:

  • The class has a high number of students

  • The class has a longer duration than usual

  • A new instructor is shadowing an experienced instructor

  • Multiple instructors with unique expertise are needed for one class

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Here are some other upcoming features that we are sure you'll love.

For guests

Redeem package benefits online

With the upcoming release, guests will be able to redeem their benefits when they book an appointment online. They will also be able to see the package pricing for each service. This way they can make informed decisions around purchase of packages.

View upcoming appointments from Webstore home page

Currently, the guests who log in to Webstore find it difficult to modify or cancel their appointments as they do not see the upcoming appointments in the Webstore home page.

With the upcoming release, logged-in guests will be able to see the upcoming appointments on the Webstore home page. This way they can modify or cancel upcoming appointments online with ease. The businesses can also use the following macros in their appointment confirmation emails to help guests modify or cancel an appointment:

  • [CancelAppointment]

  • [RescheduleAppointment]

ezConnect: Cancel appointments with a keyword

ezConnect already allows guests to confirm their appointments by sending specific keyword messages. For example, “OK”, or “Yes”.

In the upcoming release, guests can also send specific keyword messages to cancel their existing appointments. This makes it easy and convenient for the guests to cancel their appointments, while also making sure your appointment book is up to date with automatic deletion of the cancelled appointment block.

Online booking for pet spas

With the upcoming release, pet owners can:

  • Create a pet account in the Webstore

  • Book appointments for their pets online

  • Manage pet account information in online guest profile, such as pets associated with the user

  • Fill pet forms online

For front-desk

View opportunity-related information in guest profile

The guest profile or the guest details page is the hub for all information relevant to managing a guest's experience. In the upcoming release, staff with the appropriate permissions can view a new Opportunities tab in the guest profile. This tab lists information about the guests’ interest in various services, products, memberships, or packages. The front-desk staff can easily follow up with guests to convert such opportunities into actual sales.

Declutter POS by closing packages after all benefits expire

Currently, packages may remain in Active status long after all benefits have been consumed. Consider this case. A package expires in 1 year and a guest has consumed all the benefits in 8 months. This means that the package continues to remain Active for the 4 remaining months. Such packages clutter the POS.

With the upcoming release, administrators will have an option to close packages after all benefits have been consumed. This will help declutter the POS screen and will make it easier for front-desk staff to find the relevant packages faster.

Note: Administrators can see a new Closed status for such packages in the Package Payment v2 report.

For admins

New look for Reports dashboard

With the upcoming release, we are revamping both, Reports v1 and v2 dashboards. You can now easily view bookmarked reports (favorite reports), view one-line descriptions for reports before you generate them, search for reports, and much more.

Report v1 Dashboard

Report v2 Dashboard

Simplified vendor-product association

Currently, businesses must create products on one page, and associate vendors on a different page.

To ease this process, in the upcoming release, we will be adding a new tab, Vendor on the products page for both new and existing products. This will help businesses create a product and associate the desired vendors on the same page.

Note: We will continue to have the Vendors page where you can add similar details. Any change on the Vendor tab will reflect on the Vendors page and vice-versa.

In this new tab, you can associate vendor-product for a single-center and for more than one center.

New tag operators in target segments

Currently, in target segments, businesses can target only those guests who are tagged with specific tags using the in operator.

With the upcoming release, businesses can target even those guests who are not tagged with a specific keyword and also guests who are not tagged at all. The new operators include the following:

  • Untagged - Guests who are not tagged at all

  • Not in - Guests who are not tagged in specific tags

  • Any - Guests who are tagged in any tag

Special characters in email addresses and category names

With the upcoming release, we will allow the following special characters in email addresses (guest and employee) and in category names (product and service) to accommodate more languages:


Allow center managers to update center hours without accessing center settings

Currently, if a center manager wants to edit center hours, she has to access center settings. This is a problem if a business does not allow center managers to access center settings.

With the upcoming release, center managers can update center settings with new role permission, (Centers section > Hours).

ezConnect: Use a new macro to take guest's consent for receiving WhatsApp messages

In the previous release (July 2021), we introduced Single Opt-in and Double Opt-in features. This feature required guests to give consent to receive WhatsApp messages from your business account.

To this end, in this upcoming release, we are introducing a macro that allows you to take the consent of your guests for receiving WhatsApp messages via an SMS or an email campaign. You can also embed the URL of the consent to your website, to capture guest’s consent.

ezConnect: Send images via multimedia messages (MMS) to guests

Currently, ezConnect allows businesses to send out text messages via SMS and WhatsApp. ezConnect understands that business messaging can be more effective with pictures or images.

To this end, in this upcoming release, ezConnect allows businesses to send Multimedia Messages (MMS) in addition to regular SMS. WhatsApp on ezConnect will also support sending and receiving multimedia messages. This will add more value to business communications.

Track users coming from social media handles to Webstore

With the upcoming release, you can track how users land on your Webstore, check the services listed on your Webstore, and book an appointment.

For example, you can track if a guest came to your Webstore from an advertisement you put in Facebook and then booked a service. This way, you can understand which of your online campaigns brought in the most traffic and conversions and the success rate of a campaign.

Memberships dashboard in Analytics

We are adding a new dashboard in Analytics Express to help you track the performance of your memberships. On this dashboard, you can track the performance of your memberships in terms of:

  • Collections, redemptions, and refunds

  • Status - Active, Suspended, Cancelled, Expired. You can view these by numbers and by trends.

  • New memberships sold, conversion of non-members, and the employees selling the most memberships.

  • Memberships canceled, churned, and cancellations before the first payment is made.

Control who sees commission-related info in employee profiles

Employee earnings-related info such as salary, hourly rate, overtime, and commission are sensitive in nature. As a business owner, you may want tighter control over who gets to see which parts of this information.

In the upcoming release, we are updating roles and permissions for employee commission-related information. As a business owner, you will have better control over which roles see exactly which bits of compensation-related information in employee profiles.

Charge guests in bulk for failed package payments

It is always a challenge for businesses to recover payments for packages when scheduled payments fail. The Package Payments v2 report has a Status column to indicate whether a charge was a success or a failure.

With the upcoming release, you will be able to charge credit cards and online checks using a bulk charge option right from the report interface. All you need to do is filter the report by the Failed status, select the appropriate transactions, and then charge the guests in bulk.

Note: The Last Collection Attempted column in the report shows the date when an attempt was last made towards collecting a payment.

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