Certain services such as a cupping therapy or an Electromagnetic therapy session will need a guest to fill forms such as the consent form or details form. 

To fill the guest form for a service 

 1. Log in to Zenoti Mobile.
 2. Tap Appointments from the Zenoti Mobile menu.
 3. Select a service.
     The Appointment details screen shows the guest form with an orange triangle with
     Not filled
status indicating that the form is incomplete for a service.

 4. Tap the guest form.
     The form opens with two tabs. The Guest Details and the name of a guest form
     (such as the Guest Intake or the service-related form).

 5. Tap the ‘Lock’ icon on the top right corner of the screen. 

     The Guest mode is turned on.
     Note: Enable this lock before handing over the device to the guest so that they can
     fill the form. This lock ensures that guests cannot access anything apart from the
     intake form in the app.
 6. Expand each form.
 7. Ensure the guest fills the details in the form as per requirement.
 8. Tap Submit.
     A submit message appears on the Appointment details screen.
     Note: If you minimize or toggle the screen, an alert message appears prompting
     you to submit or save the changes to avoid loss of data. 

    The submitted form displays the date of submission. 

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