After you create a custom membership form, you need to associate the form with a membership. To learn how to create the custom membership form, read: Membership Forms: An Overview

To associate the custom form with a membership

1.  At the organization level, navigate to Marketing > Memberships >      
    The Manage Memberships page appears.

2.  Select the membership with which you want to associate the form.
3.  Go to the Forms tab.
4.  Select the form from the Available Forms drop-down.

5.  Click Add.
     The selected form appears under the Assigned Forms section. 

   Zenoti associates the custom form with a membership. 

  • If you want to associate multiple forms to a membership, repeat steps 3 to 5. 

  • If you want to associate multiple memberships with one form, repeat steps 1 to 5

You can view all of the memberships associated with a custom form in the Memberships tab (Admin > Custom Fields > Custom Forms > Manage Custom Forms > (Custom form name) > Memberships tab).

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