After you create a custom membership form, you need to associate the form with a membership. To learn how to create the custom membership form, read: Membership Forms: An Overview

To associate the custom form with a membership

1.  At the organization level, click the Marketing icon and navigate to Memberships >     Memberships.

2.  Select the membership with which you want to associate the form.
3.  Go to the Forms tab.
4.  Select the form from the Available Forms drop-down.

5.  Click Add.
     The selected form appears under the Assigned Forms section. 

   Zenoti associates the custom form with a membership. 

  • If you want to associate multiple forms to a membership, repeat steps 3 to 5. 

  • If you want to associate multiple memberships with one form, repeat steps 1 to 5

You can view all of the memberships associated with a custom form in the Memberships tab (Admin > Custom Fields > Custom Forms > Manage Custom Forms > (Custom form name) > Memberships tab).

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