Your organization may need your guests to enter details and sign certain membership forms such as the Membership Agreement form, when you sell a membership. Zenoti allows you to create membership forms and have them signed by guests.

This article helps you learn how to: 

  1. Create Custom Memberships Form 

  2. Associate the custom form with a Membership

  3. Ensure your guest fills and submits the Membership form:

Create Custom Memberships Form

In order to create a custom membership form, you should have an HTML form already built. Refer to the article, Build an HTML Form to learn more.  

To create a custom membership form  

1.  At the organization level, navigate to Admin > Custom Fields > Custom      Forms.
    The Custom Forms page appears.

2.  Click Add.
     The Create Custom Form page appears.

3.   Complete the following fields in the General tab to create the custom form:

  • Name: Enter a name for the form. Example: Membership-Agreement online.

  • Code: Enter a code for the form. Example: mpos1.

  • Description: Enter a description.

  • Assigned To: To associate the custom form to a membership, select the Memberships option.

  • Select one of the options:  
    - Offline: If you select Offline, the form is available only in the print format  
      from the web.    
    - Online (default): When Online is selected, you can use it to capture the
      guest’s details and signature using Zenoti Mobile and web.  

  • Select one of the form types as per your requirement:
    - Sign-up: Select Sign-up if the form is meant for signing up a guest for a new
    - Cancel: Select Cancel if the form is meant for cancelling the membership for a
    - Freeze: Select Freeze if the form is meant for freezing the membership for a
    - Others: Select Others if the form is meant for membership activities apart from
      sign-up, cancel, or freeze.  

  • Active: This option is selected by default and it means that the form is active and available for all centers.  

4.   Click Next.
      A text box appears.
5.   Enter your HTML code in the text box.

6.   Click Save.
      Zenoti saves the membership form and enables the Memberships tab.

When you create a new custom form, the Memberships tab is empty as there are no memberships associated yet. 

When you associate the form with a membership (Marketing > Memberships > Memberships > Forms), the Membership tab shows the list of all the memberships associated with the form. 

Next Step: Associate custom form with a membership.

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