A provider may use products to perform certain services. For example: for a full body waxing service, chocolate wax is used. Using Zenoti Mobile, a provider can add the quantity of products consumed for a service.

Before you Begin

Ensure that the Allow tracking consumables from Zenoti Mobile setting is enabled at the organization level (Admin icon > Organization > Organizations > Settings > Zenoti Mobile).

To add product consumables for a service

1. Log in and access the Appointments from the Zenoti Mobile menu.  
   The Appointment screen appears.
2. Tap an appointment.
   The service details and the ellipsis for the selected appointment appear in the
   Appointment details screen. 

3. Tap the ellipsis (the three dots).

The menu options appear.

4. Tap Track Consumables.
    The Add Consumed Products page appears.
5. Tap Add.

    The Select Products page appears.
6. Tap the product and against it modify the quantity if required.
    Note: Only the products associated with the selected service appear in the Select
    Products page. 

7. Tap Done.
    Zenoti adds the consumable for the service.

8. Tap Save.  
    Zenoti saves changes to your service.

9. (Optional) To add more consumables, repeat steps 4 to 8.

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