Your guest can also make a payment in advance for the services to be rendered.

To take the payment in advance

  1. Open the Admin Queue.

  2. Go to Services Pending section.

  3. Select the guest for whom you want to take the payment in advance. 

  4. Click the Point Of Sale (POS) icon in the appointment block.

        You will see a warning message stating that This Service has not been started              yet. Do you still want to continue?

      Important: Do not close the invoice after you take the payment. Invoice should             only be closed after the services are rendered and after you mark the services as         Complete. 

   5. Click Yes if you want to take the payment.
        The POS opens.

    6. Take payment from the guest.
        Now that you have taken the payment from the guest in advance, you can mark           the service as Start as per the order of the Queue.
        Learn more: Book Services from the Point of Sale.  

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