The Feedback Analysis dashboards provide high-level information about guest ratings for your business. For example, you can view the rating you got for each question in the feedback form. You can also see the number and percentage of invoices on which you got feedback and the break-up of these numbers by center and by month. In addition, you can view details of how many guests gave feedback saying they will not recommend your business to others - this is again broken up by center and by month.  

Important: The core metric used in this report is Average Feedback. You can validate the numbers in this report against the Average Feedback by Month report in Zenoti Web <Navigate to - Reports Dashboard > Loyalty > Feedback (select from the filter) >  Average Feedback by Month>. 

The Feedback Analysis dashboard includes the following charts:


The Feedback Analysis dashboards have the following filters: 

  • Start Date, End Date: Use these filters to specify the date range to track appointments at your centers. Note: These filters apply to all the charts.
  • Zone Name: Use this option to filter all the charts based on the Zone you select. If you do not have any zones configured, you will see the option, No Zone.
  • Centre Name: Use this option to filter all the charts by the Center or location you select.
  • Guest Gender: Use this option to filter all the charts by Male, Female, or Not Applicable or All guests respectively. Not Applicable implies those guests who prefer not to provide their gender.
  • Source: Use this filter to specify the source from where feedback was given such as In Store, Mobile, Web, and Other Source.
  • Service Category: Use this option to filter feedback given on a service category. For example, you may choose to view feedback for the hair services service category.  
  • Service Sub Category: Use this option to filter feedback based on service subcategory. For example, if you chose hair services as the service category earlier, you can further filter down to services subcategories such as hair spa, hair styling, and hair coloring. 
  • Service Name: Use this option to filter feedback based on particular services such as hair spa treatment or hair straightening. 

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