After you download the Pre-configured tags and triggers JSON file, you must import it to your Google Tag Manager account. 
Note: For Android and iOS GTM files of the Consumer Mobile App (CMA), use the following links:

To import the preconfigured tags and triggers file

  1. Log in to your Google Tag Manager account by navigating to its home page

  2. The All Accounts page with the name of your Website/Workplace opens.

  3. Click the name of your Workplace/Website.
    The Google Tag Manager dashboard opens with your tracking id that begins with GTM followed by 7 digit alphanumeric code. For example, GTM-A1B2C34.

  4. Click Admin on the dashboard.

       The Admin page opens. 

   5. Click Import Container.

      The Import Container page opens.
  6. Click Choose Container file.
      A new window to select the downloaded JSON file opens.
  7. Locate and select the JSON file.
      The Container File is imported.
  8. Select Existing for the Choose Workspace setting.
      The Workspaces window opens.
  9. Select your current workspace.
      The workspace is updated.
 10. Select Merge as the Import Option.
       Important: Choosing the Overwrite as the Import Option will erase all the
       existing information.
       Merge options appear.

   11. Based on your preference, select any one of the following as Merge option.
           a. Overwrite conflicting tags, triggers and variables.
           b. Rename conflicting tags, triggers and variables. 

          A preview of all the Tags and Triggers appears.

    12. Click Confirm.

          The Google Tag Manager Dashboard re-opens with all the new pre-configured              tags and triggers added to your workspace.

Next Step: Update Your Google Analytics ID in the Google Tag Manager Dashboard

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