Google Analytics helps you to analyze the incoming traffic to your Webstore and CMA. It provides detailed information about which page has the most visits and during which time. It also shows which geographical region your visitors are from (Example: USA, India, Australia) and how many unique visitors your Webstore or CMA has during a given day. 

To set up a Google Analytics account

1. Open the Google Analytics web page on your browser.
    The Google Analytics web page opens and prompts you to log in to your Google         Account.
    Note: If you have a Google Account, click Sign In. If not, click Create an Account.
2. Enter your Google Account Credentials and click Sign In.
    The Google Analytics homepage opens.
3. Click Sign Up.
    Since you are using a new Google product, you need to sign up separately for the        product. 

  4. Enter your account information in the fields given.
      All the information such as Account Name, Website Name, Website URL, Industry       Category, Reporting Time Zones, and Data Sharing Settings should be entered.          They are mandatory.           

  5. Click Get Tracking ID.
      The Google Analytics dashboard appears.

A sample image of the Google Analytics Dashboard. 

Your Google Analytics account is now set up. To track all the events of your guests on your Webstore, you need to extract the tracking id of Google Analytics and use it while creating tags and triggers in Google Tag Manager. 

To extract the tracking id of Google Analytics

   1. Click Admin on the main menu.
       The Admin page opens with three sections. Account, Property, and View.
   2. Click Tracking Info in the Property section.

        The Tracking Info sub-menu appears.

   3. Click Tracking code in the sub-menu.

      A new screen appears, with Tracking ID info and a Javascript code. 

    4. Make a note of the Tracking ID.
        You will need it when you are creating tags and triggers in Google Tag Manager.

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