Add-ons are offered along with other main services; guests cannot book these add-ons separately. For example, you may have a Manicure service that has add-ons such as Performance Polish and Gel Removal. Guests can choose whether they want the add-ons while booking the main service. 

The Performance Polish add-on appears in the regular Suggested Add-Ons section. See the following screenshot for reference. 

Your business may consider Gel Removal as an important add-on that you want to recommend to guests so that the main service (Manicure) gives better results. To this end, you can configure a setting to prompt guests to indicate their preference for such add-ons. The purpose of this prompt is to ensure that the guest does not overlook such important add-ons. See the following screenshot for reference. 

To enforce guest preference for important add-ons

1. At the organization level, click the Admin icon and navigate to Organization > Organizations.

2. Click the Online Booking tab and click the Webstore V2 template.
3. Scroll down to view General settings.
5. Enable the setting, Display a Mandatory Selection Prompt.
6. Click Publish to publish the settings.

When guests book a service with an important add-on which has the necessary configurations, the Webstore prompts guests to indicate their preference. 

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