Add-ons are booked with another service, package, or membership; these are not offered as standalone services. If the guest books a service that has an add-on associated with it, you can choose to show the add-on as a prompt or as a suggested add-on to your guest. After booking, the duration of the add-on is added to the duration of the main service.

Note: To display add-ons on your Webstore V2, you must ensure configure the catalog for add-ons.

To book appointments for services with add-ons:

To book appointments with add-ons your guests must take the following steps.

       1. Open your Webstore URL.
           Your Webstore URL will be www.<business name>/
           The Webstore V2 homepage appears.

       2.  [Optional] Select a location.

       3.  Enter the number of guests.
           Normally, if the guest is looking to book a service for herself, the number of                   guests will be one.

       4.  Select a Service.
            Either select a service or search for a service in the Search bar.

            The Suggested Add-Ons screen appears.

       5.  Select an Add-on.
            Your guest can select an add-on either from the Suggested Add-ons or from                  the add-on prompt (If Display in Mandatory Selection Prompt for the add-on is enabled in the Catalog). The duration of the add-on (if configured), also                      appears when you select the add-on from the Suggested Add-ons screen.

            The Select a Provider screen appears.

       6.  Select a Provider from the drop-down list.
            The guest can select a provider preference from Any, Any Female Provider,                  Any Male Provider, No Preference or even a Specific Provider. 

            The Select Date and Time screen appears.

       7.  Select a Date and Time.
           The Summary screen appears with duration of the main service and, the                      duration for the add-ons (If the duration for the add-on is set up).

Note: The duration for the add-on is based on the Additional Service Time setting of the General settings tab while creating an add-on in the Zenoti Web.

       8.  Click Book.
            The booking confirmation screen appears. 

       9.  Check the Booking Summary and click Confirm.
            The Confirmation Screen appears.

Your guest can book more services by clicking Book Again. Your guest may choose to return to the home screen or close the page.

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