While configuring an add-on, the Catalog tab allows you to show the add-on on the Webstore and Mobile App.

To configure the catalog for your add-ons:

  1. Ensure that you are at the organization level.

  2. Navigate to Admin > Resources > Services.
    Manage Services page opens.

  3. Click Add.
    Create New Service page opens.

  4. Enter General Details and click Next.
    Note: You must select This Service is an Add-on checkbox to create an add-on.
    The Pricing section opens.

  5. Enter Pricing Information and click Next.
    The Products section opens.

  6. Select Products and click Next.
    The Resources section opens.

  7. Select Resources and click Next.
    The Custom section opens.

  8. Select Custom Fields and click Next.
    The Catalog section opens.

  9. Complete the fields in the Catalog section as follows:

  • Show in the Webstore and mobile app: Select this check-box to show this add-on in the Webstore and in the mobile app.

  • Display Name: Enter a display name for this add-on in the catalog. The add-on appears with this name online.

  • Display Price: Enter a price for this add-on in the catalog.

  • Display Order: Enter a display order for this add-on in the catalog.
    : Suppose a service has three add-ons. You can specify the display order for these add-ons as 1,2,3 to specify the order in which these add-ons appear. 

  • Allow customer to book this service: Select this check-box to allow the guests to book an appointment for this service. If you do not select this check-box, the service just appears in the catalog - guests cannot book the service in such a case.

  • Display in a Mandatory Selection Prompt: Enable this setting to display a prompt to your guest that says - “Do you require <Add-On> for your <Service>?”, when your guest books a service with an important add-on.
    Example: You may have a Manicure service that has add-ons such as Performance Polish and Gel Removal. You can highlight an add-on that you think is important for the main service, using this setting. 

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