You can control the ability of the front desk from deleting those appointments for which product consumption details or service custom data have been entered. To do this, you can enforce authorization, by turning on an organization level setting. 

To prevent unauthorized appointment deletions

  1. At the organization level, click the Admin icon.

  2. Navigate to Organizations > Organization > Settings > Appointment Book section

  3. Select the checkbox, Allow appointment deletion only upon authorization if product consumption data is entered or service custom data is filled

  4. Click Save.
    If the front desk attempts to delete an appointment that has product consumption data or service custom data, Zenoti will prompt the user for authorization.
    Important: Only those users who have the Delete Post Data Entry permission under Appointments section can delete such appointments. An administrator or owner can find this permission by navigating to Admin > Organizations > Security Roles > Permissions> Appointment Book > Appointments section.

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