Issue: Moneris device (iPP 320 card reader) is not able to pair with Zenoti.

Solution: When you try to pair a device with Zenoti, Moneris logs a corresponding event in its cloud. In case of unsuccessful pairing, it is important that you terminate the pairing log registered in the Moneris merchant resource center, before you try to pair the device again. After deleting the log, you can try pairing with Zenoti again. However, you need to simultaneously initialize the device on Moneris Cloud merchant resource center for a successful pairing.

In this article, let’s see how to 

  1. Terminate the pairing log from Moneris merchant resource center 

  2. Re-initiate pairing with Zenoti by simultaneously initializing the device in Moneris merchant resource center

Terminate the pairing log from Moneris Merchant Resource Center

  1. Login to Moneris merchant resource center.

  2. Navigate to Admin > Cloud Pair > Unpair.
    Cloud pairing page appears, showing the ID and other details of the device you were trying to pair from Zenoti.

  3. Click Unpair against the device ID.
    The device is unpaired from Zenoti.

Re-initiate pairing with Zenoti

To pair the device with Zenoti again, do the following:

  1. Configure the device to Zenoti again. “Please Wait..” appears on the device screen when you try to pair the device with Zenoti.

  2. When you see the text “Please Wait..” on the device, navigate to Terminal > Cloud Initialization > Initialize on the Moneris merchant resource center.
    The Initialization page appears showing the device ID. 

  3. Click Initialize against the device ID.

        A message showing that the initialization is in progress appears, followed by a
        confirmation message.

       On completing the initialization, the device is added to the terminals list on

      You can reach out to for any configuration or processing         issues. 

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