Important: The Admin Queue screen refreshes itself in regular intervals, to add more guests to the existing queue. If you Skip a guest and do not Start the service immediately, the screen will refresh, and the skipped guest will be highlighted again. It is important to check if your next guest is ready, before you Skip a guest. 

  1. Open the Queue.

  2. Go to Services Pending section.

       The first appointment in the Services Pending section is highlighted by default              with the three buttons, Skip, No Show, and Start.

       Note: No Show button can be configured with custom button text or labels. You             can use Left, or Guest Left, or No Show as the button text.

       3. Click Skip to highlight the second guest.

           The second guest is highlighted and you can Start the services for the second               guest.

Optionally: You can continue to Skip, till you highlight the desired guest and then Start the services.

Note: The skipped guest appointment block will be updated to show the Skipped at time for future reference.

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