The followings questions cover some of the frequently asked questions related to Custom Coupons. 

  1. What is the difference between discount or cashback offered by a custom coupon and that of a campaign?
    Refer to the article Comparison of custom coupons and cashback campaigns to learn about the differences.

  2. Will a guest receive same coupon again in a later visit?
    An eligible guest receives a coupon only once.

  3. How many times can a guest use a coupon?
    Only once.

  4. When do you use cashback coupons and discount coupons?
    If you want to give a cashback in terms of fixed amount, on services and day packages or products then, you can use the cashback coupons.
    If you want to give a discount in terms of percentage or a fixed amount on purchase of services, products, memberships, or packages then, create the discount coupons.
    Discount coupons can be redeemed only on the future visit of a guest while discount campaigns can be redeemed by the guest in the current visit.

  5. I have created a set of discount and cashback coupons. I want to change the sequence of applying the coupon. How can I do it?
    You can reorder the coupons within the list view by drag and drop.

  6. I have created two coupons: $50 cashback first, followed by 10% discount. If a
      guest has visited our center twice, which one applies to the guest?

      If the guest is eligible for both the coupons, guest receives $50 cashback first.
      Guest will never get the same coupon again.
      Important: While creating $50 cashback coupon, if you have selected the
      checkbox: Do not print a coupon on an invoice receipt with a discount then,
      though the guest is eligible for ‘10% discount’ coupon in their second visit, they
      will not receive it, if they have redeemed $50 cashback in that visit.
      In the third visit, if 10% discount coupon has not expired or is not deleted then,
      guest can receive the 10% discount coupon on the receipt generated from their
      current invoice.

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