This article covers:

  • Rolling out Custom Coupons

  • Deleting Custom Coupons 

  • Tracking the effectiveness and redemption of the custom coupons

Roll Out Custom Coupons

When a guest visits your center and makes payment for a service/product purchased, Zenoti verifies if the guest is eligible for a coupon. For an eligible guest, on closing the invoice, the coupon# (generated automatically) is printed on the receipt (depending on the print settings you selected for a coupon). 

In their next visit, the guest can redeem the coupon if it has not expired yet. The image below is a sample cashback coupon printed on a receipt.
Note: Coupon cannot be generated or redeemed on online purchases.

The image below is a sample discount coupon printed on a receipt. The text printed on the receipt comes from the description entered while creating a discount.

Coupon# generated for a guest is also available in the Guest Profile under the Coupons tab.

Track the Effectiveness and Redemption of Coupons

Zenoti has two reports related to coupons: 

  • Coupon Effectiveness Report: Compares the Issued vs. Redeemed coupons in a given time frame. 

  • Coupon Redemption Report: Gives the list of guests who received the coupons, invoice# in which coupon# is printed, whether the coupon was redeemed, not redeemed, or got expired eventually. If redeemed then, in which invoice was the coupon redeemed. 

Delete a Custom Coupon

Once created, a custom coupon remains active until its expiry (It is optional to set expiry for a coupon). If you did not set any expiry then, coupon remains active till deleted.

To delete a coupon

  1. click the Cross icon (X) against a coupon in the list view.
    A message appears asking for your confirmation to delete the coupon. 

  2. Click OK to proceed.
    Note: If you have deleted a coupon from the Custom Coupons page, guests who received the coupon before you deleted, can still redeem the coupon.

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