Using Queue, your front desk or providers can mark the services as Start when they are about the begin the services to a guest. 

To mark the service to a guest as start

       1. Open Queue.
          Learn how to open the queue.
          Queue opens with two sections:
                 A. Services Pending - Lists all the guests in the queue, waiting for their                               services to begin.

                 B. Services in Progress - Lists all the guests whose services are in                                        progress. 

       2. Go to Services Pending section.
           All the guests are displayed in a queue with their service booking. Each service            booking has three buttons - Skip, No Show, and Start

     3. To start a service, click Start.

           The appointment moves to Services in Progress section.

          Note: If you have marked the services as Start for a guest in error, you can                     undo this action by clicking Undo Start. The service block moves back to                       Services Pending.

Optional: If your provider has completed the service, they can click Mark Completed and subsequently click Checkout to take the payment from guest.

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