After you enable the Guest Kiosk at the organization level and the center level, you can configure the Guest Kiosk settings.

Based on your requirement, you can configure the following settings:

  • Display Waitlist: This setting allows you to configure the Wait Times panel in the Kiosk. You can choose to show either the guest's position in the queue or show the estimated wait times for the services to begin. You can see two more settings when you enable the Display Waitlist checkbox.

    a) Display Waitlist based on Wait Times: This setting allows you to display the waitlist for guests on Kiosk based on estimated wait times.

    b) Display Waitlist based on Queue Position: This setting allows you to display the waitlist for guests on Kiosk based on the position indicator.

  • Show Category Filter in Kiosk: This setting allows you to show a category filter to your guests while booking services. Your guest can select a preferred category and view all the services related to the specific category. From the related services, your guests can select a service and book it. The guest need not scroll through all the available services to select. This will help in faster bookings and save a lot of time for your guests.

    Example: All the hair-related services can be categorized as Hair Services. If your guest selects Hair Services as the category, then the guest can see the services included in the hair services category and select. This will help save time, as the guest does not need to scroll through all the available services.

  • Sign in Guests at Kiosk Using Phone Number: Enable this option to allow your guests to sign in with a phone number. When a guest enters a phone number, all the matching guest profiles are displayed, and the guest can select the appropriate profile to proceed with the booking. If the phone number does not match the existing records, the guest is prompted to sign up.

  • Allow Sign in via both Phone and Email: Enable this option to allow your guests to sign in using either a mobile number or an email address. This provides more flexibility for your guests while signing in. If the phone number or the email address does not match the existing records, then the guest is prompted to sign up.

  • Allow New Guests to Sign Up at the Kiosk: This setting allows new guests to sign up by creating a new profile. To create a new profile, guests can enter their phone number, email address, first and last name in the Kiosk. The mandatory fields are based on your Organization settings.

    Learn more about the New Guest Creations Settings.

  • Allow New Appointment Booking at the Kiosk: If you enable this option, the following takes place:

    a) If you're using Kiosk along with Queue - Walk-in guests can book new services using Kiosk.

    b) If you're using Kiosk along with Appointment Book - Guests can only check-in to existing appointments using Kiosk.

  • Display Backdrop Image in Kiosk: This setting allows you to change the background image of the main screen of Kiosk. When you enable this setting, another field, Background Image Path, appears that you can use to specify the Image URL for the background image.

    Note: You need to upload the background image to the Image Gallery. After you upload the image, copy the Image URL, and paste it into the Background Image Path field.

    Learn how to upload images to the Image Gallery.

  • Show Last Name of the Guest in Kiosk: If you enable this setting, the first name and the guest's last name is shown in the Guest Wait List section of the Kiosk after the services are booked. Displaying the last name helps with proper identification in scenarios when multiple guests with the same first name have booked services on Kiosk.

  • Allow Booking in spite of Warnings: When this setting is enabled, a guest will be allowed to book services despite any warnings.

  • Show Price while Booking a Service: Enable this setting to allow your guests to see the prices of the services while booking. If you disable this setting, your guests will not be able to see the service prices while booking, but they will see the service price during the checkout for payment.

  • Show Preferred Stylist Dropdown: With this setting, you can allow your guests to choose a provider while booking services. Guests will see a dropdown in the provider column to select a preferred provider while booking services. If this setting is not enabled, Zenoti assigns the providers automatically to your guests.

  • Show Preferred Time Dropdown: Normally, when your guests book a service using Kiosk, the booking is done for the next available time slot. There will be scenarios when your guests cannot take the service in the next available time slot and require further time to take a service. Enable this setting to give your guests the option to set a preferred time to take the services when they are free.

  • Check-In Confirmation Message: The Check-In confirmation message field allows you to display a message when your guest completes the booking. Type in the message that you want to display to your guests in the text field.

    Example: The booking confirmation text can be: Your appointment has been confirmed. Your provider will be with you shortly.

    Note: You can also set the duration for the display of the confirmation message. Check the next setting Duration for Confirmation Dialog (Sec) for more information.

  • Duration for Confirmation Dialog (Sec): You can set the duration to display the confirmation message with this setting. Enter the number of seconds you want the confirmation message displayed on the Kiosk to your guest.

  • Continue as Guest Flow: When you enable this checkbox, a new option Continue as Guest is displayed to your guests while booking. A guest can choose to use this option to book a service by providing the first name instead of signing-up (using first and last name, phone number, and email address).

    Note: If a guest books a service using Continue as a Guest option, Zenoti does not store the guest and service details.

  • Display Wait Times Panel: If your business uses the Kiosk only for guest check-ins, and does not allow walk-in guests, then you do not want to display the wait times on the Kiosk. You can disable this setting for such businesses, which will hide the wait times panel on the Kiosk homepage. This setting is enabled by default.

  • Enable Guest and Service Forms: This setting allows guests to fill in guest and service forms from the Kiosk screen. There are two more options under this setting:

    a) Allow Check-ins only if forms are filled: If this setting is enabled, guests can only check-in for appointments when they have filled in the guest and service forms.

    b) Hide Internal Service and Tag Forms: If this setting is enabled, the internal service and tag forms will not be available for guest viewing on Kiosk.

  • Display Gender Preference for Therapists: When you enable this checkbox, the provider dropdown will not show Any Male Therapist and Any Female Therapist options. The dropdown will only show Any and Specific as a choice for selecting the therapist. By default, this setting is disabled to give more provider options to your guests. You can limit the provider options by enabling this checkbox.
    See the following screenshots for reference.

When setting is enabled.

When the setting is disabled.

  • Prompt Guests for Mandatory fields: This setting enables prompt warnings indicating guests to fill in mandatory details about themselves on Kiosk. Mandatory fields include guest details such as guest’s name, phone number, email address, etc.

  • Enable Group Booking: When you enable this center setting, the guests can book group appointments on Kiosk. When disabled, booking group appointments will not be available on Kiosk.

  • Enable Wait time Notifications for Guests: If you enable wait time notifications, the guests will be promptly informed about any changes to the wait time and alerted of the beginning of their appointments or services on Kiosk. If this setting is disabled, the wait time notifications will not be displayed to the guests on Kiosk.

  • Display Price as a Range: This setting allows you to display prices in the format of a range to guests on Kiosk.

  • Display Price with a Label: To display prices for services with a label (Example: Starts at $99), you should enable this center setting for Kiosk.

  • Label to Precede the Service Price: Label to Precede the Service Price field allows you to set and display a label that precedes the service price on Kiosk. Type in the label that you want to display to your guests in the text field.

    Example: Starting from $129 – Enter Starting from in the blank text field to display it as a service price label.

After you have configured all the settings based on your requirements, you can click Save. All the settings will be saved, and you can verify them by navigating to your organization's Kiosk URL (https://<your business name> from the iPad.

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