Zenoti allows you the flexibility to use Guest Kiosk, either with an Appointment Book or with the Queue.
If you manage a business that provides services to walk-in guests, then you can use Guest Kiosk along with Queue to manage your walk-in guests and their bookings.
Alternatively, if you manage a business that only accepts appointments, then with the help of Guest Kiosk, you can enable your guests to check-in to the existing appointments.

Based on your business requirements and needs, you can use Guest Kiosk accordingly. 

To use Guest Kiosk, you need to enable it at the organizational level and then at the center level. 

Learn how to enable Kiosk at the organization level.

To enable guest kiosk for your center

  1. At the center level, click the Admin icon.

  2. Navigate to Organization > Centers >

  3. Select the desired center.

  4. Go to the Settings tab.

  5. Expand the Guest Kiosk section.

  6. Select the checkbox Enable Kiosk for this Center.
    The Guest Kiosk settings appear. You can configure the Guest Kiosk settings as per your requirement.

       7. Click Save.  
           The Guest Kiosk is enabled for the center.
           Learn about Guest Kiosk settings.

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