I have set up the Employee Schedule and the Employee Catalog. When I log in to Queue, I do not see any employees (providers), in the Available Therapists section. I am also not able to Start the services for the guest. What should I do?

If you have created the Schedule for your employees for the day and set up the Employee Catalog for the relevant center, and if you are unable to see any employees, then it is likely that your therapists or providers have not checked-in to the Queue. 

Apart from creating a schedule and enabling the catalog for your employees, you must also make sure that your employees check-in to the Queue. 

Your employees can check in to the Queue by clicking the clock icon on the menu bar. This is similar to how your employees check in to the Appointment Book. 

At least one employee, with the role of a Therapist, should be checked in for the Queue to function properly. Otherwise, you will not be able to Start the services for your guests in the Queue.

Learn about Employee Check-In

Is there a way for me to launch the Guest Kiosk from an app instead of using the URL?

Yes. If you are using the Zenoti Mobile app on an iPad, then you can launch the Guest Kiosk, through Customer Kiosk option in the Settings menu.

This option will be available only if the Kiosk has been enabled and configured at the organization level and at the center level.

The Zenoti Mobile app will continue to run in the background and you can go back to the app by clicking Cancel. Zenoti Mobile will again ask you for your credentials to log in.

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