After you enable Queue at the organizational level, you will be able to set up Queue at the center level.  

Learn how to enable the Queue at the organization level.

To enable the queue for a center.

  1. At the center level, click the Admin icon and navigate to Centers.

  2. Click the Settings tab and expand Appointment Book.

  3. Locate Operate Appointment Book in Queue Mode and select the checkbox.

  4. Click Save.

  The following occurs:

  •  The page reloads, and on the menu bar, you will see Queue instead of Appointment Book.

Click Queue to open the Admin Queue. Here your front desk can Start the services for a guest, Skip a guest to select the next available guest or mark a guest as No Show.

  • A new settings category, Admin Queue, appears. 

Here you can configure the Queue settings.

To configure queue settings

Scroll to the Queue settings category, and based on your requirements, configure the following:

  • Enforce Therapist Authorization: This setting allows your employees to authenticate the start of a service by entering an authentication code. To use this setting, you need to enable the passcode for your employees.

       Learn how to set up the passcode for your employees.

  • Assign Therapist based on Idle Time: This option lets you assign providers to your guests based on provider idle time. If disabled, the provider is assigned based on their utilization.

  • Appointment and Queue View Slide: This setting enables a drop-down for you to select between Appointment View and the Queue View. 

  • Button Label for No Show: If your guest books service and does not show up, and is also not reachable, you will usually mark the services for such guests as No Show. If your business uses another name for No Show, such as Not Available, Left, or Guest Left, you can enter that text over here. The text that you enter, appears on the No Show button as the button label. You can use a text of maximum of 13 characters.

Default Label: 

With Customized Button Label:

  • Show Room Association on Admin Queue:  This option allows you to show the room associated with the service on the appointment block of the Queue.

  • Show Available Therapists in Admin Queue: This option allows you to show the available therapists to your front desk. The list appears when you click the arrow on the Admin Screen. You can track the utilization of the checked-in providers and manage the block out times.

Note: Only the providers, for whom the catalog is enabled, the schedule is created for the day, and who are checked in, are shown in this list.

Click Save.
Your configurations are saved and will reflect on your center’s queue.

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