During a business day, you may need to open the cash register for a number of reasons. For example, you need to open the cash register each time a guest makes a payment (including tips and SSG amounts), when you need to return change, or when you need to break larger amounts into change to ensure smooth business operations. You may also open the cash register to manage petty cash. 

You may open the cash register using any one of the following methods.

Option 1: Open the Cash Register using the Context Menu [Appointment View]

To open the cash register using the context menu [Appointment View]

  1. On the main menu, click the Appointment icon.
    The Appointment Book appears.

  2. On the Appointment Book, click an open slot and select Manage Register > Open Register from the context menu.

Important: Only users who have the Open Cash Register permission (Organization level > Admin > Organization > Security Roles > Administrator > Cash Register > Open Cash Register) can view the Open Register option in the context menu.

The printer prompts the cash register to open and a blank receipt opens in the Print Preview window.  

3. Click Save.
Note: Though Zenoti prints a blank receipt, you still must click Save so that the printer can send a message to the cash drawer to open. You can now break change or manage petty cash, as required.

Option 2: Open the Cash Register while Closing an Invoice [Appointment View]

To open the cash register while closing an invoice [Appointment View]

  1. Search for an invoice that you want to close. 

  2. After you collect the due amount, click the Close & Print or the Close & Email icon.  
    Important: Ensure that Zenoti Web (your desktop) is connected to the receipt printer and the receipt printer is in turn connected to the cash drawer.
    When you click the Print icon, the printer sends a message to the cash drawer to open.
    The front desk can now complete the transaction; the invoice is closed.

Option 3: Open the Cash Register from Queue View

To open the cash register from the Queue View

  1. Ensure you are in the Queue View.

2. From Actions. point to Manage Register and select Open Register.

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