You can create a new profile in Zenoti Mobile and capture all the information of your guest. This information can also be updated later in case of any changes.

To create a new guest profile:

Android & iOS

1. Open the Main Menu.
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    The Main Menu opens.
2. Tap Guests.
    The Guests screen opens with a search bar.
3. Search and select the guest.
    The Guest Details screen appears.

You can add the following information in the Guest Details screen.
Note: Some of the fields may vary depending upon the device you are using.
(Android & iOS). 

  • First Name: Enter the first name of the guest.

  • Middle Name: Enter the middle name of the guest.

  • Last Name: Enter the last name of the guest.

  • Gender: Select the gender of the guest.

  • Mobile Phone: Enter the mobile number of the guest.

  • Home Phone: Enter the home phone number of the guest.

  • Work Phone: Enter the work phone number of the guest.

  • Email: Enter the email id of the guest.
    Note: email addresses (guest and employee) can have the following special characters as well:


  • Referral: Enter the referral source through which the guest was referred. Select a referral option from the drop-down.

  • Referred By:  This field is visible only if you select Referred By option, from the Referral drop-down. You can search and select the guest, who has referred this guest. 

       Example: If Jerry (an existing guest), refers Michael (a new guest) to your salon,            then you update the name of Jerry in Referred By field of Michael’s profile.

  • Primary Employee: Enter the primary therapist or provider who will be responsible to attend the guest.

  • Block guest from editing custom data: The Guest Custom Data in Zenoti, allows you to capture additional information beyond the regular details provided at the time of creating a new guest profile. Use this toggle switch to block your guests from editing the data in the custom fields. 

  • Birthday: Enter the birthday of the guest.

  • Anniversary Date: Enter the anniversary date for the guest.

  • Address 1 and 2: Enter the area address of the guest.

  • City: Enter the city or county name of the guest.

  • Country: Enter the country of the guest.

  • State/Province: Enter the state or province information of the guest.

  • Zip Code: Enter the zip code of the address of the guest.

  • Receive Text Messages: Your guest will receive marketing and transaction text messages. This is enabled by default. Use the toggle to switch this setting off.

  • Email Messages: Your guest will receive marketing and transaction email messages. This is enabled by default. Use the toggle to switch this setting off. 

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