There are times when you might have to edit an appointment to change the duration of a service, to accommodate your guest's requirements. Using Zenoti, you can modify the appointment whenever required.
Note: You cannot modify an appointment that contains a segmented service. 

To modify an appointment

1. Access Appointments from the Zenoti Mobile menu.
2. Select an Appointment.
    The Appointment details screen appears.
3. Tap Edit in the top right-hand corner.

       Appointment opens in the Edit mode.
   4. You can modify the following information:
        a. Therapist: To change the provider, tap the name of the provider.
            The Select A Therapist screen appears. Search and select a therapist
            from the list.
        b. Duration: To increase or decrease the duration, tap Duration, swipe to select
            appropriate duration from the picker, and then tap Done to change the
            duration of the service.
: Duration appears only if the organization setting, Change Service Time
            in Appointment
(Admin > Organization > Organizations > Settings >
            Appointment Book
), is set to Allow or Warn at the organization level. If the
            setting is set to Block you cannot view Duration.

        c. Room: To change the room, tap the name of the room.
            The Select a Room screen appears. Select a room from the list.
        d. Re-select the Slot: When you open an appointment in the Edit mode, the
            time of an appointment you previously booked may be lost. You must re-select
            the time slot for an appointment. If guest prefers, you can choose a
            different date and time as well.
            Note: Zenoti not only shows date and time of previously booked slot but also
            highlights it in the time slot. You can use this as a reference and select a time    
            slot for the guest.

5. Tap Save.
    Zenoti saves the changes.

Hint: You can also change the duration using the ellipsis icon that appears in
the appointment details screen when you select a service. 

To modify an appointment using the Modify Appointment screen

           i. Tap the ellipsis (three dots) icon that appears for a service and then tap
               Modify Appointment.

            ii. Tap Modify Appointment.

               The Modify Appointment window appears.  
            ii. Tap the provider name against Therapist and select a different
           iii. Tap the room name against Room and select another available      
           iv. Tap the time against Duration.
            v. Swipe and select the duration.

       vi. Tap Save.
The changes made to the appointment are saved and appears in the
            Appointment Details

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