You can track many actions on an invoice, such as when the invoice was created, by whom, the items that were purchased, by whom, the payment method used, and many other updates made to the invoice. 

Important: Invoice logs do not track payments made by Credit Card.

Invoice logs serve as a handy reference tool especially in case of disputes as they can help you to trace actions on an invoice to a specific employee. For example, using such logs, you can easily trace which employee gave manual discounts, to which guests, and how much discount was given. In effect, logging deters fraud as staff will be accountable for their actions.

This article covers the following:

  • Before You Begin

  • How to View Invoice Logs

  • Reports 

Before You Begin

  • Users with the permission, View Invoice Logs, can view invoice logs for both, open and closed invoices (The permission is available at organizational level > Admin > Organization > Security Roles > Name of the Role > Permissions tab > Appointment Book.)
    Note: Open invoices are invoices where guests have made partial payments, closed invoices are where guests have paid in full. 

To view invoice logs:

  1. In the Appointment Book, search for an invoice. 

  2. Click Show

  3. Do one of the following: 

  • If the invoice is Open, click the View Invoice Logs icon. 

  • If the invoice is Closed, select I want to > View Invoice Logs from the drop-down list. See the screenshots for reference. 

The View Invoice Logs icon appears on the top right corner of Open invoices:

The View invoice logs option appears in the I want to drop-down list of Closed invoices:

The Invoice Log window opens showing a record of all actions taken on an invoice such as the action itself, the item it was applied on, the old and the new values, and finally, who took the action and when.

Note: For membership invoices processed through dunning, the ​Closed By​​ value is null.


The Sales - Invoice Logs report (Reports > Finance > Sales), at the center level, tracks every action made on an invoice such as the item that was sold, memberships, packages, campaigns, or discounts applied or removed, details of commissions and tips that were added, updated, or removed.

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