Zenoti allows you to customize the look and feel of your Webstore V2 or Campaigns according to your business requirements.
For example, for Webstore, you can add a backdrop image, show a default banner and also show a default preview image. 

After you upload an image to the image library, you can copy the URL and use it while setting up the Webstore or creating the campaigns.

  To upload an image to Image Gallery

           1. At the organization level, click the Admin icon and navigate to Setup > Image Gallery.
           2. Click Add.
         3. Click Select.

        4. Navigate to the location of your image on your computer.
               For example, if you have it saved in "My Documents," then navigate to that
         5. Select the image which you want to add/upload.  
              Note: The size of the image can be up to 3 MB.
              The Validate File window appears.
      6. (Optional) Enter the image name in Save File As text box.
              Note: If you do not name the image, Zenoti generates a random name for
              your image. It is recommended that you name the image to locate it easily. 

   7. Click Save.
           A URL is generated and the image is added to the Zenoti Image Gallery.
     8. Locate your image in the Zenoti Image Gallery.
     9. Click Copy Link.

      10. Use this URL while setting up your Webstore or when
            Creating Email Campaigns

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