When most of the centers in your organization collect feedback, configure feedback option in the Optional fields of the organization.

Before you begin

  • Ensure that the following settings are selected at the organization level (Admin > Organization > Organizations > Settings > Feedback):
    - Enable Guest Feedback switch is enabled
    - Enable across all centers setting is enabled
    - Feedback form is configured

  • Ensure that the Enable Guest Feedback for this center setting is enabled for the center that wants to collect feedback (Admin > Organization > Centers > Settings > Feedback).

Add feedback text in Optional Fields of the organization

  1. At the organization level, click the Admin icon.

  2. Navigate to Organization > Organizations and select your organization.

  3. Under the General tab, scroll down to Optional Fields.
    Note: Custom macros related to the Optional Fields render the text into the email/text notifications that use the macros. For example, text written in Optional Field 1 is rendered by [CustomMacro1] into Zenoti notifications. Learn more about optional fields in the article: Update General Organization Business Details

  4. Use any two Optional fields to configure the feedback text.
       a.  For example, In Optional Field 1, enter the code:
            <p>Please provide your feedback <a href="
            Note: The feedback text can be anything such as 'Share your experience
            with us’ and not necessarily be ‘Please provide your feedback’. However,
            ensure that the text is correctly written between the HTML tags.
            Important: Do not close the <a href=" tag in the Optional Field 1.
            You will shortly learn the reason, under Append the Macros in the Thank
            You template section (below).
       b.  In Optional Field 2, enter the remaining code: ">here</a></p>
            Important: Do not override the optional fields of the centers that want to
            collect feedback. If you override, the Thank You notifications will render
            incorrect information.

Correctly Append the Macros into the Thank You Template

  1. At the organization level, navigate to Admin > Organization > Organizations.
    The Manage Organization page appears.

  2. Go to Email/Texts tab > Appointment templates > Thank You.

  3. Click Edit against Thank You template.
    Thank You notification template opens. 

  4. In the HTML field, at an appropriate place in the body text, drag-and-drop macros in the following order:
    Refer to the animated GIF to learn how to insert the macros:

        In the background, HTML reads the appended macros as:

        In the Thank You email that a guest receives, the text appears as:
        Please provide your feedback here.

Override Optional Fields for centers that do not want to collect feedback 

If there are only a few centers that are not yet ready to collect feedback from guests, follow the steps below to override organization’s optional fields so that Thank You notifications will not show Feedback option to the guests of your center:

  1. At center level, navigate to Admin > Organization > Centers.
    The Manage Center page appears.

  2. Under the General tab, scroll down to Optional Fields.
    In one of the optional fields, you will find the HTML code: <p>Please provide your feedback<a href=" and a link: Override for this center.  

  3. Click the link: Override for this center for the Optional field.
    Zenoti removes the code and makes the optional field blank. 

  4. In that same Optional Field, enter the following code:
    <p style="display: none;">Please provide your feedback <a href="
    This code will not allow display of the feedback link and text in the Thank You notifications.
    Important: There is no need to modify the optional field that has ending tags:
    ”>here</a></p> as, the ending tags will remain same.

   5. Click Save.
       The center’s custom macros will override the custom macros of Organization,
       due to which, guests belonging to the center will not receive feedback link and
       text in their Thank You notifications. 

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