Guests may request changes to upcoming appointments such as change in the scheduled time or change in provider. At the front desk, you can quickly accommodate such requests by accessing the Guest Profile and then updating the necessary details of the upcoming appointment. 

To edit upcoming appointments from the guest profile

  1. Access the guest profile

  2. Go to the Appointments tab. 

  3. In the Upcoming Appointments section, click Edit next to the appointment you want to update.
    Note: The appointment opens in the bottom panel of the Appointment Book, or in the Booking Wizard, depending on where the appointment was booked from.
    Tip: Use the filter to find a particular upcoming appointment quickly. 

   4. Make the necessary updates to the appointment (such as change the scheduled          time or change the provider).
   5. Click Save.
       Zenoti saves the changes to the Upcoming Appointment. Note: Upcoming                     appointments appear in a chronological order (earlier appointments figure at the           top of the list). 

Things to Consider

  • If the Booking Wizard was used to create the appointment, then Zenoti opens the Booking Wizard when you click the Edit option for an upcoming appointment. 

  • When you click Edit, the Appointment Book switches to the appropriate date and you can view the details of the appointment in the bottom panel of the Appointment Book or in the Booking Wizard. 

  • Only appointments that have been made from the same center can be opened for editing using this method. For example, if an appointment is made from Center A, and if you are in the Appointment Book of Center B or if you are at the organization level, then you cannot open an Upcoming Appointment for a guest that was made in Center A. 

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