Custom forms allow you to capture guest data such as guest details, guest consent, SOAP Notes, and treatment notes. Zenoti supports the following types of custom forms:

  • Guest Forms: These are the guest intake forms that help you to capture the guest details when they visit your center for the first time. In this form, you can capture guest information such as contact details, birthday, anniversary date, and promotions they are interested in.

  • Service Forms: These are the consent and consultation forms that you can use to take guest consent and fill the SOAP or treatment notes of a service. 

  • Tags: Tags help you in assigning multiple forms to a service. You can also assign same tag to multiple services. When you assign same tag to multiple services, the information you collect for a service gets assigned to all the services that use the same tag. Learn More: Assign Tags to Multiple Services: Overview  

Form Validity

For each service and tag form you create, you can set the validity. This reduces your effort of collecting the guest information multiple times. With this, you need to fill the form information only when it is expired. Following are the validity options you can configure for a form:

  • No expiry - Applicable for single service: This option is selected by default. If left unchanged, the form is valid for a single service and the guest must fill the form for every visit.

  • No expiry - Common form for all services on the same day: You can use this option to fill common treatment forms and charts for services that are often booked multiple times on a single day for the same guest, such as laser hair removal for different parts of the body.
    Example: Let’s say your guest Marie books Botox Treatment service that has 2 sessions. For both the sessions, provider must capture SOAP or treatment notes. To accommodate this, you create a consultation form and apply the validity for single visit.
    Marie avails her 1st Botox session on November 1st and provider fills the SOAP notes. Remember that the form is valid for a single visit. When she avails the 2nd Botox session on November 10th, your provider must fill the SOAP notes again.
    Note: With this validity option, a form does not get expired, but you need to capture the information each time. Zenoti stores the form information from both the sessions.

  • Expires after: This option allows you to set the validity for specified number of days after which the form gets expired. Zenoti calculates the validity of the form from the date when it was was first filled.
    Example: Let’s say you have entered 365 for this option. Now, if your guest fills the form on August 1st 2018, the form is valid till July 31st 2019. For any service your guest takes after July 31st 2019, they must fill the form again.
    Note: If a guest fills the consent form before the actual service date, the form validity begins from the day it was first consented and not the service date. For example, if your guest has booked a service for October 25th, but had consented on October 15th, the validity begins from October 15th. 

  • Expires on: This option allows you to set the validity to expire on a specified date irrespective of when it was first filled.
    Example: Let’s say you select the expiry date as December 15th 2018. Now, if a guest fills the form on December 14th, the form is valid only till December 15th. If the guest visits on December 16th, guest must fill the form again.


  • When a form reaches its expiry date, the information available in the form is reset and the form must be filled again

  • If no expiry date is set, Zenoti continues to display the information for each visit. 

  • You can create target segments to extract guest list who have forms that are expired or will soon expire. Learn More: Export Guests List with Expired or Will Expire Forms

What happens when you book a service?

  • Booked a service for the first time: If you book a service for the first time after an expiry date is set, you or your guest must fill the forms available for the service. Validity is calculated from the day the form was first filled. 

  • Booked a service that has a valid form: If a service has a valid form (not expired), Zenoti does not prompt you to fill the form again. Even if the “Enforce entry of mandatory service custom data fields before payment” setting is enabled, you can still continue with the payment since the form was already filled in previous visit and it has not reached its expiry date yet.
    However, you can override the information available in the form until the forms gets expired.
    To override a valid form, do the following:
     a) Click the appointment block, and select the Enter Service Custom Data option.
     b) The forms page appear with a message on top of the page as “This form is
         valid through mm/dd/yyyy. To override this form, click here”.
     c) To override, click “Click here”.
         The form gets reset and you can fill it.

        Note: When the form is filled again, the validity of the form is reset based on
        latest date.

  • Booking a service with expired forms: When you book a service that has one or more service expired forms, Zenoti displays an alert icon on the appointment block.
    An appointment that has an expired form is equivalent to booking a service for the first time where you must fill the form.

What happens to the form after it expires?

Even after a form expires, it is stored in the Guest Profile in the Forms Unified View tab. You can access the information in the form but to book another appointment, the form must be filled again.

Can you delete an appointment after a guest provides consent to a service?

You can delete an appointment after your guest consents to a service. However, if you have applied the same consent to another service for which payment is collected and the invoice is closed, you cannot delete the original appointment (where the consent was provided).  

Example: Let’s say your guest avails Botox Treatment for the first time on August 15th and provides consent. The consent will be valid until August 14th 2019. 

Let’s say, the same service is rebooked for December 15th at 4:00 PM. In this case, the following are possible:

  • You can delete August 15th appointment anytime before your guest avails the service on December 15th. 

  • You cannot delete August 15th appointment if your guest avails the service on December 15 and makes a payment. This is because, Zenoti is using the same form for both the services.  

That is, until the consent form from the first Botox service appointment is not applied to any other service (for which invoice is closed), you can delete the appointment.

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