In businesses, some of the services need to use multiple forms such as a consent form and a consultation form to capture the guest and consultation information. In addition to this, you may need to take your guest’s consent for multiple services. In such situations, you can use tags.

Using tags, you can assign multiple forms to a service. When you assign a tag (that has a custom form assigned to it) to multiple services, the information you collect for one service automatically gets applied to rest of the services that use the same tag. Using tags you can avoid the need to take guest consent for each service.

Example: Let’s say, under Body Treatment you have the following two massages and services:

  • Deep Tissue Massage
    - 30 minutes service
    - 60 minutes service

  • Balinese Massage
    - 40 minutes service
    - 75 minutes service

Say you must take guest consent and fill SOAP notes for all the services available under Body Treatment. In this case, you must create two service forms, one for guest consent with a validity of 365 days and another for service consultation with a validity of single visit. Now, you must create two tags for each form and assign the tags with each service under Body Treatment. With this, the forms get applied to all the four services. 

Now, if your guest avails 30 minutes Deep Tissue Massage service for the first time, the following takes place:

  • Your guest provides consent for the 30 minutes Deep Tissue Massage service. Since, all the services use same tag, Zenoti applies the consent all the services under Body Treatment.
    When your guest comes next time for any other service under Body Treatment, your guest need not provide a consent again. 

  • Your provider fills SOAP notes in the consultation form specific to 30 minutes Deep Tissue Massage service.This consultation is valid only for this visit. If your guest avails any other service next time under Body Treatment, provider must fill the SOAP notes again. 

Steps to create a tag and assign it to a service

Step 1: Create a custom form of type Tag.

Step 2: Create a tag of type service and assign the custom form you created in Step-1.

Step 3: Assign the tag you created in Step 2 to the services you wish to group.

After you finish the three steps, the custom form is assigned to all the services that have the same tag.


Step-1: You create a custom form for tag with name Massage Consent Form.

Step-2: You create a tag of type service with name For Massages and assign the
             Massage Consent Form
form to the tag.

Step-3: You assign the tag For Massages to the Detox, Green Tea, and
             Fruit Pulp massage services and group them with the tag.

Now, if your guest avails the Detox Massage and fills the consent form, the consent gets applied to Green Tea and Fruit Pulp massages as well. 

What happens when a guest books a service that has forms assigned to it?

For more information, see Custom Forms Validity: Overview article.

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