You can return payments processed by Worldpay using Zenoti. 

Note: Worldpay (previously known as Vantiv) will allow you 45 days to refund a transaction. 

This article covers 

  1. How to return a transaction within 45 days of payment 

  2. How to return a transaction after 45 days of payment

You can request refund for the following cards:

  • Credit Cards

  • Signature Debit Cards

  • PIN based Debit Cards

Refund request within 45 days

If a guest approaches you for a transaction refund within 45 days of payment, you can process the refund via Zenoti in the following ways:

Refund request after 45 days

If a guest approaches you for a refund after 45 days of payment, you can use Worldpay’s website: to process returns and void transactions. 

If you have any questions or concerns related to refund process, please call Worldpay’s customer care at 800-846-4472.

Create a custom refund entry in Zenoti

After you have processed the reversal from Worldpay’s site, make a note of the transaction ID. Ensure that you add a custom refund in Zenoti, so that, the refund can be tracked in Zenoti.

Watch the video to learn how to add a custom refund

Here are the steps to make a custom refund entry in Zenoti:

  1. Open Guest Profile and go to Appointments tab.

  2. Click Refund icon.
    Refund screen appears.

  3. Select the items to refund and enter the refund amount against each item.

  4. Click Proceed to Refund.
    Payment methods tab in the Refund screen appears. 

  5. Under Amounts to refund section, enter refund amount in the Custom field.

  6. Click Notes icon to add Worldpay transaction details against the custom payment.
    Transaction details window appears.    
          a. Payment Data: Select appropriate custom payment type.
          b. Additional Data: Enter Worldpay Transaction ID.
          c. Click Save.

  7. Click Refund.
    Invoice is generated for the custom refund.

  8. Verify the details and close the invoice. 

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