We no longer support the Employee Productivity App; all users need to install the new Zenoti Mobile application. The Zenoti Mobile application, does everything the Employee Productivity App did and more, with improved performance and usability.

Instructions to install the Zenoti Mobile app.

Important: The settings you configured for Employee Productivity App will not work for Zenoti Mobile. You must configure Zenoti and set up Zenoti Mobile.

This document covers steps to verify your existing configuration for Employee Productivity App and know how to configure Zenoti to ensure that your employees can use Zenoti Mobile, just as they were using the Employee Productivity App.

List of actions you can perform in Zenoti Mobile 

  1. Access the application

  2. Check-in guests

  3. View and edit guest details

  4. View and edit guest custom data

  5. View and edit service custom data

  6. Collect guest feedback

  7. Allow Providers to Book Appointments

  8. View Tips & Commissions

  9. View Performance

  10. View Sales and Day's Transactions

  11. View Revenue

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