The team at Zenoti works very hard to provide a reliable service and have
achieved > 99% up time across multiple years of hosting mission-critical software.
However, service impacting incidents, while extremely rare, can occur. Additionally, since Zenoti requires an internet connection, there may be some instances where connectivity to your business is interrupted due to ISP issues.
We appreciate your patience and understanding during those times. Here are some suggestions to help you prepare for the unexpected:

Subscribe to Zenoti Incident Updates

We recommend that you subscribe to Zenoti updates so that you are notified by email of any planned or unplanned downtime or degraded performance.

To subscribe to Zenoti Incident updates

1. Visit our status page at

2. Click Subscribe to Updates and submit your email address. 

You will now receive email notifications whenever Zenoti creates, updates, or resolves an incident. 

Employ a Backup Plan

Use Card on File Option

If you accept credit card payments, as a backup plan, we recommend that you use the Card on File option to save guest credit card details. Having the card on file helps you in a number of ways:

  • Convenience for your guests: Repeat customers don't need to bring cash or their card

  • Easy recovery: You can easily recover payments in those rare times when there may be an interruption in service.

Note: Availability of Card on File depends on the card processor you choose and possibly the level of your subscription. For example, Zenoti Payments allows you to store credit card details at no extra charge. Worldpay typically considers this an add-on subscription for which they charge an additional fee. 

Web Based Dashboards

Many card processors have a web-based dashboard which may allow you to create charges directly (use caution with this option as you will need to record the transactions as custom payments once Zenoti is available).  If you use Zenoti Payments (Stripe), we've provided this guide to help you initiate payments manually. 

Know your Schedule Ahead

Use one or more reports (appointment details, sales-service, etc) to take a soft or even hard copy of your next day's scheduled appointments as a checklist item when closing each day.
You can then refer to this list in the event the appointment book is not available. You may want to do the same for things like employee schedules, product price lists, expected purchase orders, or other items which you frequently reference.

These suggestions are being provided by Zenoti as best practices. Every business is unique and each owner should determine what is required for their own business continuity plan.

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