Important: You can sell gift cards on the webstore only if you have a payment processors configured for your center.

Gift cards are a popular way of gifting that allows the intended recipients to purchase a product or service of their choice.

You can configure gift cards for online booking and allow your guests to purchase one or more of the following gift cards from your webstore:

  • Amount Gift Card: This allows the guest to gift a card with some cash value in it. While purchasing an amount gift card, guest can either use the predefined amount (that you have created in Zenoti) such as $50, $100, or $200 or they can customize the amount of the gift card.
    Example: Let’s say your guest wants to buy two gift cards with cash value of $200 and $350 each. You have predefined amounts as $100 and $200 on Webstore. In this case, your guest does the following:
       - Purchases a gift card using the predefined amount of $200.
       - Purchases another gift card by customizing the amount as $350. 
  • Service Gift Card/Package Gift Card: This allows the guest to gift services and/or day packages as a gift card. The price of a service/package gift card is equal to the price of the service and/or package. The gift card recipient can, however, choose to use this card to avail other items with the amount available on the gift card.
    Example: Let’s say your guest John wants to gift a Green Tea Facial service to his wife Amanda on the occasion of their Wedding Anniversary. In this case, John purchases a gift card by including the Green Tea Facial service with it. 

Gift cards can be redeemed by availing the services or packages, or by purchasing any products at your center. 

Gift cards can help your organization generate revenue in advance, elevate brand awareness, and increase the count of new customers. 

To set up gift cards on your webstore, you must do the following:

Webstore allows your guests to do the following:

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