Gift Cards

Customize Cashback Offer Text on the Receipt 

When a guest is eligible for a cashback campaign, a default text: “Cashback of [amount]” (Example: Cashback of $5) is printed on the receipt. With this release, while creating cashback campaigns (SMS, Email, or Media campaigns), you can customize this text to suit your promotion. In your customized text, you can also include the cashback amount by inserting the macro: [CashbackValue]. 

For example, if your offer text is: ‘You have won a brow wax worth [CashbackValue]!’, it reflects on the receipt as ‘You have won a brow wax worth $25!’. To know more, read the help article

When buying a gift card, guests can choose to include a personalized message for recipients. Earlier, personalized message could not be printed on the gift card, but, it could be sent to the recipient, only through email. 

Now, personalized message and occasion of gifting can be printed on the gift card too. To know more, read the help article


Alert Users when they are About to be Logged Out 

Earlier, after a period of inactivity when a user’s session reached the timeout limit, Zenoti logged them out automatically. Now, Zenoti will alert users that their session is about to be timed out, and gives them an option to continue with the session. Read the help article

Note: Applies to Zenoti Web application only. 

Zenoti Mobile 

Providers can Add or Modify Block Out Times (iOS only) 

Earlier, using Zenoti Mobile, providers were able to only view block out times. Now, with the relevant permissions, providers can add, edit, or delete their block out times. 

Providers can Rebook the Appointments (iOS only) 

Most of the times providers are not given permission to book appointments by themselves, but businesses require them to rebook the guest for same appointment using Zenoti Mobile. To accommodate this, Zenoti now introduced a setting “Rebook” that allows your guest only to rebook an appointment (without giving permission to create new appointments).

View Referral Sources of Only Your Center (iOS & Android) 

  • Earlier, Zenoti Mobile displayed all the referral sources configured for the organization, in the Guest Profile. Therefore, while creating a new guest profile, you had to choose from the referral source name from a huge list. Now, Zenoti mobile displays only the referral sources that are configured for your center making it easy for you to pick the referral source name. 

  • Earlier, after a guest profile was created, you could not view the referral source name in the Guest Profile. Now, Zenoti displays the referral source name in the Guest Profile for you to view and edit. 

Providers can Add Products to the Invoice (iOS & Android) 

Earlier, providers did not have permission to add products to an invoice. With this release, Zenoti introduced a new setting “Sell Items” that allows your provider to add retail purchases to an invoice. For example, while providing services to the guest, if the provider cross sells a product or if your guest wants to purchase one after completing the service, your provider can directly add it to the invoice. 

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