The moment you create a gift card promotion and activate it for centers, Zenoti automatically rolls out the bonus gift cards to the guests, who purchase gift cards during the promotion period. 

After the promotion period is completed, Zenoti stops applying the promotion on the gift card purchases (even though the promotion appears to be active).

Bonus gift cards for guests 

While taking payment from the guest, if there is a gift card in the invoice and an active promotion for the center, Zenoti shows a message ‘The customer may be eligible for a Bonus Gift Card (View Terms and Conditions)’. To see the rules related to the promotion, click the View Terms and Conditions link.

When the front desk closes an invoice with a gift card purchase in it, Zenoti checks the following, to give away a bonus gift card to the guest:

  1. The gift card promotion must be active for your center at the time of closing the invoice. 

  2. The date of purchase of the gift cards should be within the promotion period.

  3. Guest should have paid in Cash or paid by Card, Check, or Custom Payments to buy the gift cards. The gift card price (which is the pre-taxed price of gift cards minus any applicable discounts on the invoice), should meet the rules of the gift card promotion.

When the above conditions are met and the payments are done, the actual value of Bonus gift card is displayed to the front desk through the banner.
Zenoti automatically rolls out the bonus gift card to the guest, immediately after the front desk closes the invoice. Guest can find the number and value of a bonus gift card on the receipt.
Note: The bonus gift card number is auto-generated by Zenoti based on timestamp.

After generating the receipt, a Print pop up appears, showing options to print the gift cards, if the organization setting to print the gift cards is enabled.

Organization Settings for Relabeling the Bonus Gift Card

Depending on your business need, you may want to give a different name to bonus gift card. To relabel bonus gift card, at the organization level:

  1. Click the Admin icon.

  2. Navigate to Organization > Organizations

  3. Go to the Settings tab.

  4. Expand the Invoice and Receipts section.

  5. For Bonus Gift Card Settings beside the Bonus Gift Card Label, enter the text for the label.

  6. Click Save.
    The new label reflects in receipts, gift card print out, and in the online purchases made by guests.  
    Note: If you want the new label to reflect on the print out of the bonus gift card, ensure you include the macro: [GiftCardLabel] in the gift card print template.

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