Important: You can sell gift cards on the webstore only if you have a payment processor configured for your center. 

Your guests can gift an amount, service, or a package gift cards for various live events such as birthdays, marriages, valentine’s day, or mother’s day. 

To Purchase a gift card from the Webstore V2

  1. Guest logs in to the webstore with their Username and Password.
    Note: If your guest does not wish to log in to the webstore, they can use the Continue as Guest option to buy the card.
    After they select an Amount, Service, or a Package option as mentioned in the subsequent step, Webstore prompts to log in. Here, instead of logging in to the Webstore, they can select Continue as Guest.

  2. Guest clicks the Gift Cards available on the top right corner of the page.

The Amount, Service, and Package gift cards appear.

  3. Based on the requirement, the guest does one of the following:

  • Amount Gift Card
       - From the I would like to gift section, the guest selects the Amount option.
         List of predefined cash values along with an option to customize the cash
         value of the gift card appears.

          - Guest does one of the following, as required:
                - Selects a predefined cash value such as $35.5 as shown in the screenshot.
                - Clicks the Choose Custom Amount link, enters a cash value, and clicks

  • Service Gift Card
       - From the I would like to gift section, the guest selects the Service option.
         The service category drop-down list and list of services appear. 

          - From the Select a Category drop-down list, the guest selects the desired
          - From the Select a Service list, the guest selects a desired service. 

  • Package Gift Card
        - From the I would like to gift section, the guest selects the Packages option.
          The list of packages appear.

           - From the Select a Package option, the guest selects the desired package.
 4. In the Recipient, guest selects For Others if they are purchasing the gift card for
     others or selects Buying Myself if they are purchasing it for themselves.
 5. If the guest has selected For Others under the Recipient field, they enter the
     Recipient Name, Recipient Email ID, and click Proceed.
 6. In the Occasion, the guest selects a desired occasion.

      The Styles specific to the occasion appear.
 7. From the Styles, the guest selects a desired style.

    The Message textbox and Delivery Date appear.
 8. In the Message, the guest enters a message for the recipient.
 9. From the Delivery Date, the guest selects Send Now to send the gift card
     immediately or selects Send Later.
     If the guest has selected Send Later, guest will select a date and time, and clicks
10. Guest clicks Preview and Buy.

11. Guest sees the Gift Card summary

 12. (Optional) Guest preview the gift card.
 13. In the Payment section, the guest enters the card details.
 14. Guest click Submit.
      One of the following takes place:

  • If the guest has purchased the gift card for others, as a buyer, the guest receives an invoice and the recipient will receive the gift card in an email as an attachment.

  • If the guest has purchased the gift card for themselves, as a buyer, they will receive both invoice and gift card.

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