Important: You can sell gift cards on the webstore only if you have Zenoti Payments, Worldpay/Vantiv, or Stripe payment processors configured for your center. 

This article helps you in setting up the gift cards for your webstore.

Note: Gift card promotion which allows you to give bonus gift cards on purchase of a specific amount or quantity of gift cards, is applied automatically when you enable the sale of gift cards on the Webstore. 

To set up the gift cards for your webstore

  1. Ensure that you are at the organization level.

  2. Navigate to Admin > Organization > Organizations > Online Booking.  

  3. Select Webstore V2 template.

  4. Click Go To Settings.
    The Gift Cards settings appear.

You will find the following settings under the Gift Card section:

  • Enable Gift Card Amounts: Turn this setting ON to enable the sale of Amount gift cards on your Webstore. 

        Note: You can add a custom description for the Amount Gift Cards. You can                   describe the services included in the gift card and mention other offer                           information.  This will help your guests in selecting the best gift card as per their           requirements.

        Learn how to add a description to Amount Gift Cards.

  • Enable Gift Card Services: Turn this setting ON to enable the sale of Service gift cards on your Webstore.

  • Enable Gift Card Packages: Turn this setting ON to enable the sale of Packages gift cards on your Webstore. 

  • Predefined Package GC Only: Turn this setting ON to allow only the sale of predefined packages gift cards, and not custom packages gift cards on your Webstore.

  • Enable Continue as a Guest Login: Turn this setting ON if you want your guests to purchase gift cards without logging in. They can select Continue as a Guest, specify the name and email address and proceed to purchase the gift card. 

  • Bonus Gift Card Banner: Enter the HTML code for the Gift Card Banner that appears on the Gift Card page of the Webstore. In case you do not have the HTML code for the banner, you can display a text for the Gift Card promotions. Example: Buy $100+ in Gift Cards and receive a $20 Bonus Gift Card. 

  • Bonus Gift Card Details: Redirect your guests to bonus gift card details page if they want to read more details about your bonus gift cards. Enter the URL of the details page or enter the HTML code of the page which will redirect your guests.

  • Gift Card Default Preview Image: Enable your guests to view a default preview image, when they open the Gift Card page of your Webstore. In order to show the preview, you need to upload an image to the Image Gallery and copy the URL generated.

       To upload an image to Image Gallery

           1. Ensure that you are the Organizational level.
           2. Navigate to Admin > Setup > Image Gallery.
               The Image Gallery opens.
           3. Click Add.
               The Upload File pop-up will open.
           4. Click Select.

                A new window to select a file opens.
            5. Select an Image file and click Open.
                The Image is uploaded and a URL is generated.
            6. Copy the generated image URL.
            7. Paste the URL in the Giftcard Default Preview Image field of Webstore                           settings.

  • Enable Custom Amounts for Gift Cards: You can allow your guests to decide the price of the gift card and allow them to purchase such custom gift cards by turning this setting ON. 

  • Validity of a Gift Card in Days: Define the validity of the gift card in days by entering the number of days in this field.
    Example: Enter 60 to set the validity of the gift card for 60 days from the date of purchase. 

  • Maximum Price for a Custom Gift Card: Enter the maximum price of a custom gift card that your guest can purchase.
    Example: If you set the maximum price as $1000.00, you guest can purchase the custom gift card for a price up to $1000.00.

  • CMA Gift Card Promo Banner URL: Enter the URL of the image that should appear on the Gift Card screen of the Customer Mobile App (CMA). If you run any gift card campaigns or promotions, you can let your guests know about such offers by displaying the image as a banner on the CMA. When your guests open the app and navigate to the Gift Card screen, they can see the banner and decide whether to purchase the gift cards.

Based on your requirement, click one of the following : 

  • Save As Draft : The settings are saved, but are not published.

  • Publish : The settings are saved and the changes are published.

  • Preview : Check a preview of all the settings in the Webstore

After setting up the gift cards, you can create occasions and amount gift card templates for the gift cards.

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