At any point of time, some providers may be heavily booked, while others may have fewer bookings. When guests walk in or call for appointments, it is not easy for the front desk to easily identify which providers are relatively free compared to others (so that they can assign the new requests to providers who are relatively free). 

To make the Appointment Book more intuitive such that the front desk can tell at a glance which providers have their hands full vs which providers are comparitively free, you can use an organization level setting to show the Booked% against provider names on the Appointment Book. 

Note that you can also view the Total Booked% for your entire center. Booked% numbers are therefore a handy tool that you can use for your business to ensure proper utilization of your providers by allocating work more evenly.

Consider this example. You have three providers - Anna, Ben, and Cathy. The Booked% of these providers is as follows - Anna (10%), Ben (25%), and Cathy (55%). When new requests for bookings come in, with a single glance at these numbers, the front desk knows that Anna can accommodate more bookings. 

To enable Booked% numbers for providers and for your center

  1. At the organization level, click the Admin icon.

  2. Navigate to Organization > Organization.

  3. Go to the Settings tab.

  4. Expand the Appointment Book section.

  5. Select Show Booked% in Appointment Book

  6. Click Save.
    You can see Booked% numbers for your providers (next to the name of the provider) and Total Booked% for your center (in the bar at the bottom of the Appointment Book). See the following screenshots for reference.

FAQ and Troubleshooting

Q: How are Booked% and Total Booked% calculated? 

A:  Booked% for providers =  Total Booked Time/Total Bookable Time
a) Total Booked Time = Total Service Hours booked against a provider as seen in the  Appointment Book (for both, Open and Closed invoices)
b) Total Bookable Time = (Total Scheduled Hours - Mandatory Break Hours - Non Bookable Block Out Times). 

Total Booked% for center = (Sum of Total Booked Time of all providers/Total Bookable Time of all providers)

Q: Some of my providers have appointments booked against them, but their Booked% is showing as 0. Why is this?

A: You must configure Employee schedules for providers, else the Booked% will show as 0 even if appointments are booked against such providers. 

Q: How come some of my providers appear with over 100% as Booked Percentage? What does this mean? 

A: If appointments are booked outside scheduled hours, scheduled hours will remain as seen in the Appointment Book. If this is the case, there can be instances where Booked% > 100%.

Q: The Booked% for one of my providers seems to be a bit off. How can I cross-check the details?

A: Assume that your organization has configured Mandatory Break hours for an employee, Anna, as 1 hour from the employee profile. In addition, your organization has also configured a Block Out Time for Mandatory Break hours and marked it as non-bookable. In such rare cases, Zenoti will deduct the Total Bookable Time twice for Anna (once for the Mandatory Break Hours, and once again for the Non Bookable Block Out Time). See the earlier FAQ that explains how the Booked% for a provider is calculated. 

To work around this issue, either remove the Mandatory Break Hours from the provider’s profile (employee profile) or convert the Block Out time for Mandatory Break Hours to be Bookable. It is a best practice for your organization to configure and use either Mandatory Break Hours (from the employee profile) or the Block Out Time for Mandatory Break Hours (as Non Bookable), not both

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