Create Gift Card Promotions

In Zenoti, you can offer bonus gift cards as a promotion, by adding and setting up rules for bonus cards in Gift Card Promotions page at the organization level.
You can configure the bonus gift card offers depending on the number of gift cards or the value of the gift card purchased by the guest. 

For example, you can configure offers using one of the following ways:  

  • Your business is running an offer where the guest can buy three gift cards worth $30 each and get a bonus gift card worth $10 free. If your guest purchases three gift cards of total worth $90, the guest is eligible to receive a $10 bonus gift card. 

  • Your business is running an offer where the guest can buy a gift card worth $90 or more and get a gift card worth $15 free. If your guest purchases a gift card of $100, the guest is eligible to receive a $15 bonus gift card. 

Note: The bonus gift card offers are available for purchases made online and in-store.

Before You Begin

  1. At the organization level, click the Admin icon and navigate to Organization > Organizations.

  2. Click the Settings tab and expand General.

  3. Select the Enable gift cards check box.

  4. Ensure that eligible employee roles (such as Marketing Manager) can add, edit, or delete gift card promotions. (Org level > Admin > Organization > Security Roles > Permissions > Marketing Manager > Gift Card Promotions > Add, Edit, and Delete checkboxes).

To Create a Gift Card Promotion

  1. At the organization level, click the Marketing icon and navigate to Offers > Gift Card Promotions.

  2. Click Add.
    You find the following two tabs in the New Gift Card Promotion page:
    - General tab
    - Centers tab

   3. Under the General tab, enter the following promotion details:
        a. Name: Enter name of the promotion. For example ‘Gifted Moments’.
        b. Code: Enter the code for the gift card promotion. For example, ‘Moments’.
        c. Description: Enter description related to the gift card promotion. You can
            add details like what you offer in this promotion and in which centers you
            want to roll out. For example, you can enter, ‘On purchase of gift cards
            priced above 100$. Available in South Granville only’.
        d. Period: Enter the dates between which the promotion will be rolled out to
            the guests. For example, if you want to promote this offer in October, select
            Oct 1, 2018 as start date and Oct 31, 2018 as end date for period.
        e. Expiry: You can set expiry in two ways: Days and Date.
               i. Days: Enter number of days after which the bonus gift cards (issued
                  as part of this promotion) will expire. For example, if you enter 180 days,
                  the bonus gift cards will be valid till 180 days from the date of issue.
              ii. Date: Instead of days, you can select a specific date on which the bonus
                  cards expire. For example, if you select Nov 30, 2018, whatever be the
                  date of issue of the bonus cards, they will expire on Nov 30, 2018.
            Important: After the expiry date, any unredeemed amount in the bonus gift
            card will be lost.
         f. Expires after Single Use: Select the checkbox if you want to set the bonus
            gift card for one-time use only, irrespective of whether the guest has
            redeemed the full amount of the bonus gift card or not. For example,
            assume a guest has $50 bonus gift card and has redeemed the card on an
            invoice of $20. Guest cannot redeem the remaining $30 in the bonus gift
            card and the card becomes invalid irrespective of the actual expiry date of
            the bonus card.
        g. Rules: Using the rules section, you can create a bonus gift card offers based
            on one of the following options in the Offer Bonus Gift Card Based on section:

  • Price of Gift Cards Purchased: This option is selected by default. You can configure the bonus gift offer based on the value of the gift card purchased by the guest.  

  • Number of Gift Cards Purchased: You can use this option to configure the bonus gift card offer based on the number of gift card purchased by the guest.          

   4. Do one of the following:
         a. Click Finish to save the gift card promotion to complete it later.
             Note: Gift card promotion is saved in ‘inactive’ status if you click Finish after
             completing only the General tab. Open the Gift Card promotion page and
             proceed to Centers tab to complete the promotion.
         b. Click Next to go to Centers tab.
             Centers tab opens. 

   5. Under the Centers tab, you can select which centers can run this promotion. 

         a. Gift Card Promotion Status: Select the checkbox to activate the promotion.
         b. Centers: Shows names of all the centers under your organization and name
             of any active gift card promotion running in the center at present. Centers
             with no active promotions show ‘None’ for Active Gift Card Promotion. The
             checkbox for such centers is available for selection. Select the checkbox to
             activate the promotion for the centers.
             Note: A center can have only one promotion active in a given time. If you
             want to roll out the current promotion to a center with active promotion
             already, go to the details of the existing promotion and unselect the center.
             Comeback to this promotion and select the center for the current
             promotion. For example, to apply Gifted Moments promotion for
             Kensington, go to Halloween Day promotion details and unselect
             Kensington. Comeback to Gifted Moments promotion’s Centers tab and
             select Kensington.

  6. Click Finish.
      Gift Card Promotions list view page appears, showing the promotion you just
      created. The promotion is available to the selected centers.  
      Note: Organizations decide to which centers they want to make the gift card
      promotions available. If zones and centers do not want to participate in the
      promotions, they can opt out by unselecting their centers from promotion.
      (Open Gift Card Promotions page at your Zone or Center level and unselect
      your centers in the Centers tab)
      Important: Bonus gift cards are offered on the pre-taxed total price of all the gift
      cards purchased in a single invoice (after deducting all the discounts applied on

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