Important: Zenoti supports printing insurance statements only for businesses based in Canada. 

After you enable printing of insurance statements for a center, an insurance icon appears in the POS for all service appointments which you can use to print insurance statements.

Before you Begin

Ensure you have enabled printing of insurance statements for your center.

To print an insurance statement for an appointment

1. Open the guest's appointment

2. In the Collect Payment section, locate the Insurance icon and click it.  

3. A preview of the statement with the option to print appears.

4. Click Print.
    The insurance statement is printed on A4 size paper with the following details:

  • Guest Name

  • Service Date: Date on which the service is taken

  • Service Name

  • Duration of the service: Defined service time
    Note: To avoid striking off the service duration and to manually enter the actual duration on the printed statement, reach out to Zenoti Support.

  • Service Price 

  • Therapist's Name and RMT Number: Details of the therapist who performed the service

  • Tax Applied

  • Total: Total Price after all additions or deductions are taken into account.

Note: Zenoti prints the receipts based on the following factors:

  • If you set up a template for header and footer when enabling the statement, the receipt is printed as per the template. 

  • If you haven't configured the template, Zenoti uses the default receipt settings at the organizational level. 

  • If you haven't configured anything at the organization level for the receipt, the default Zenoti receipt format is used.

  • If an invoice contains multiple services, for each service in the invoice, Zenoti prints the insurance statement on a separate page.

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