You can sell prepaid cards to a guest from the POS tab of Zenoti Mobile or during check out. A guest can redeem the card when purchasing services and products.

Before you Begin

You can manage the prepaid cards at the organization and center.

At the organization level, you can:

At the center level, you can:

To sell a prepaid card

1. From the Zenoti Mobile, tap the POS tab.

2. At the top right-hand corner, tap +.
The Guest screen appears.

3. In the search box, enter the guest’s name and then tap to select the name from the list.

Note: If you want to add a new guest, tap + on the top right-hand corner of the Guest screen and proceed with the steps to create a new guest.

The Add More screen appears. The Products tab is selected by default.

Note: You can also upsell prepaid card to a guest during checkout. To open the Take Payment screen, in the Appointment Details screen, tap Add More.

4. Tap the Prepaid Cards tab.
The Create Prepaid Card screen appears.

5. To create and add a prepaid card to the invoice, do the following:

  1. Card#: This number uniquely identifies the prepaid card. Based on your organization settings, it may be generated automatically or you have to enter it manually.

  2. Price ($): Enter the prepaid card price. Price is the amount for which you sell the card to a guest (excluding taxes, if any).
    Note: When appropriate permissions are enabled, you can sell prepaid cards with different price and value in the Point of Sale (POS) window.

  3. Value: By default, this field reflects the price of the card. You may edit this value if you have appropriate permission.

  4. Sold By: From the drop-down list, tap the name of the employee who sold the prepaid card.

  5. (Optional) Expiry Days: Tap to select one of the following:
    i. Days: Set the number of days within which the prepaid card should expire
    and tap Done.
    ii Date: Select an expiry date and tap Done.
    Note: If you do not set any expiry, the Expiry status appears as 'Never' which
    means the prepaid card will never expire.

  6. (Optional) One Time Use: Turn on the option to set the prepaid card as a one-time use card. Such cards are usable only once and any balance amount on the card automatically lapses after the first use. By default, this setting is turned off.

  7. (Optional) +Notes: You can tap and enter any notes related to the sale.

  8. Tap Add. The prepaid card is added to the invoice.

6. Tap Take Payment and close the invoice.
The prepaid card purchased is listed in the Gift Card/Prepaid Card option in the Take Payment screen for the guest.

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