A guest can redeem a prepaid card when purchasing products or services.

To redeem a prepaid card

1. From the Zenoti Mobile, tap the Appointments tab.
The Appointment screen appears.

2. Tap the appointment for which you have to take payment and tap Proceed for Payment.

The Take Payment screen appears and displays the total invoice amount and various payment methods on the right-hand side of the screen.

3. Tap Gift Card/Prepaid Card.

The Gift Card tab appears by default.

4. Tap the Prepaid Card tab.

To view all the guest’s prepaid cards and the balances for each card, tap the Select Prepaid Card list.

5. Tap the prepaid card to use.

The prepaid card amount is automatically populated in the Pay box.
Hint: You can also manually modify the amount to redeem in the prepaid card if the guest wishes to split and pay using other payment methods.

6. Tap Apply. The amount is redeemed and the ‘Prepaid Card Applied Successfully’ message appears.

Hint: If you want to discard the changes for any reason, tap Unapply. The prepaid card number is removed from the Card Number box.

7. Close the invoice.

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