Zenoti allows you to print gift cards on a paper and hand them over to your guests. You can print the cards only after closing an invoice. 

You can customize the gift card template to include the details such as sender name, gift card number, purchase date, expiry date, amount, or service available with the card.

Following is an example of a printed gift card:

Before You Begin

  • To print a gift card, the Allow Gift Card to be Printed checkbox must be selected at the organization level (Admin icon > Organization > Organizations > Settings > Invoice & Receipt > Gift Card Settings). 

  • To customize the format in which you want to print a gift card, use Customize Gift Card Template for Printing setting at the organization level (Admin icon > Organization > Organizations > Settings > Invoice & Receipt > Gift Card Settings > Allow Gift Card to be Printed).

To print a gift card from POS

  1. Sell a gift card and click the Close & Print button to print the gift card.
    Note: You can print a gift card only when you close the invoice using the Close & Print button.
    The Print gift card window appears on the Appointment Book with the gift card details that your guest purchased on this invoice.

Note: If your guest purchased more than one gift card, the details on the print window appear as follows:

    2. In the Print window, do one of the following:

  • Click Print All to print all the cards at one go.
    Zenoti prints each of the gift card on a separate paper.

  • Click Print next to the gift card you want to print.
    Zenoti prints that gift card.

To print a gift card from the Context Menu

  1. In the Appointment Book, click an empty slot and select Pre-paid/Gift Card Details.
    The Pre-paid/Gift Card Details window appears.

  2. In the Code field, enter the gift card number that you want to print and click Show.
    The gift card details appear.

  3. Click the print icon to print the gift card details.

Zenoti prints the gift card.

Your guests can redeem the gift card whenever required.

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