Perpetually recurring appointments or standing appointments are very much like recurring appointments. Both, recurring and perpetually recurring appointments recur on a regular basis (based on a schedule - daily, weekly, monthly). However, while recurring appointments have a definite end date, perpetually recurring appointments don’t have an end date as they are set to recur on a permanent basis. 

Consider this example. A guest wants to book an appointment for hair color for the next 5 months (the current month is say, August). If you set up regular recurring appointments for this request, the recurring series will end in January. 

For the same guest, you can also set up perpetually recurring appointments. In this case, the guest will always have 5 standing appointments prebooked. For example, in August, there are 5 standing appointments (till Jan). When the guest takes the service in August and the invoice is closed (for the August appointment), Zenoti creates a new appointment for February - in effect, the guest again has 5 more appointments. In this way, each time the guest completes an appointment and the invoice is closed, Zenoti creates a new appointment. In this sense, such appointments are perpetual in nature, as there is no end to the scheduled appointments. 

For business owners, booking perpetual recurring appointments helps maintain guest loyalty and a healthy visit frequency. For the guest, such perpetual recurring appointments are reassuring because the guest does not have to go through the hassle of booking appointments each time. 


To enable perpetually recurring appointments for your organization, ensure that your administrator enables the checkbox, Enable Perpetual Appointments from the organizational level from Admin> Organizations >  Organization > Settings > Appointment Book.

To book a perpetually recurring appointment:

  1. In the Appointment Book, click an available time slot (for the first appointment in the perpetually recurring series), then click New Appointment.
    The Appointment Info panel appears.

  2. Add the guest details.

  3. Add the service details.

  4. Click Repeat on the Appointment Info panel.

     The Repeat Appointment dialog appears.
  5. Switch on the option Create perpetually repeating appointments.
  6. Configure the following repeat settings:
      a) Repeat: Select the frequency of the appointments – Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or               Yearly. Example: Monthly
      b) Every: Specify the repeat frequency.  Example: Repeats every 1 month.
      c) Starts On: Zenoti picks up the current date as the start date or the first                           appointment date in the series (assuming, you are on the current date in the                 Appointment Book). However, you can change the date to reschedule the first               appointment. The repeat appointments are automatically moved based on the             changed start date. Example: 22 August
      d) Standing appointments: Specify the number of occurrences of this                                  appointment that you wish to repeat perpetually.
           Example: 5 occurrences. If the current date is 22 August and you wish to book              a perpetually recurring appointment on a monthly basis for 5 occurrences,                     Zenoti books appointments on the 22nd of every month for the next 5 months              (that’s till 22nd January).  

      7. Click Apply.
          Zenoti creates perpetually recurring appointments based on your specifications.           In the right pane, Zenoti shows the schedule of appointments - both, confirmed            bookings and bookings with conflicts.
           Note: There may be scheduling conflicts such as lack of an employee’s                          schedule for the future date, non-availability of an employee due to time-off,                  specified provider not mapped to the requested service, non-availability of a                room for the specified service, or the center being closed on a particular day.                The front desk must resolve any scheduling conflicts manually such as change              the start time or change the provider, and then specify if Zenoti must apply the              change to just that  occurrence or to the remaining occurrences too.
           Tip: If you want to view only those appointments that have a conflict, select                  the checkbox Show only appointments with conflicts.

   8. Click Save to save the appointment, or click Take Payment to proceed to collect           payment.
        A repeat icon appears on the appointment block indicating it is a perpetually                recurring appointment or a standing appointment.

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