1. At the organization level, click the Employee icon.

  2. Navigate to Settings > Work Task Types

  3. Click Add

  4. In the General tab, enter a Name, Code, and Description for the Work Task Type.

  5. In the Centers tab, select the names of the Centers where these Work Task Types should be available. 

  6. Click Finish.
    The Work Task Type is created - you can now see three tabs - General, Center, and Employees for the Work Task Type.
    a) In the General tab, you will find that by default, the Work Task Type is active (the check box Active is selected).
    Tip: Clear this check box if you don’t want a particular Work Task Type to appear in the selected Center/Employee profile.  
    b) In the Centers tab, you can see the names of centers you selected earlier where this Work Task Type is active.
    c) In the Employees tab, you will see that no employees are listed.
    Managers will see an option in the employee profile (Job info section) – Select Work Tasks. Managers must assign work tasks (and pay rates) from here.

Sample pay calculation for an employee:


Scenario for 1 Day

Pay for 1 Day

Pay rates:
Regular work: $12,
Inventory work: $10.

Training $8

Daily overtime pay configured (i.e., at 10 hours with a 2x multiplier

Regular work: 8 hours
Inventory work: 2 hours
Training work: 2 hours

Total: 12 hours where overtime pay occurs if an employee worked over 10 hours

Pay for Regular work: 12x8 = $96
Pay for inventory work: 10x2 = $20

Pay for training: 8x2= $16

Pay for regular hours: 96+20+16 = $132

Avg hourly rate (AHR) = 96+20+16/12 = $11 per hour

Overtime pay: 2x (2-1) x 11 = $22

Total pay: 132+22= $154

Note: For overtime pay (OT) pay we use a blended rate.

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